• FBI Targeting "Anti-Vaxxers" for Causing COVID Pandemic Allegedly Backed by Russia

    Since a 1986 law was passed prohibiting citizens of the United States from suing pharmaceutical companies for damages caused by vaccines, the U.S. Government, through its special "Vaccine Court," has quietly paid out BILLIONS of dollars in damages to families who have suffered injuries and death due to vaccines. Here at Health Impact News we publish the required quarterly reports provided by the Department of Justice on these settlements, and we are, as far as I know, the only ones who publish these reports. This law was passed due to the fact that too many lawsuits were being filed against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries and deaths, and so the industry approached the U.S. Congress and threatened to stop making vaccines if they were not given legal immunity from these lawsuits. Congress obliged, and President Ronald Reagan signed into law the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Today, if you or any of your children are injured or killed by vaccines, you must sue the U.S. Government and go up against their top attorneys to try and get compensation. I do not believe I am exaggerating when I say there are millions of families across this nation with vaccine-damaged children. These parents were formerly pro-vaccine, and after watching their children suffer from the effects of vaccines, they are now ridiculed and ostracized by the corporate media as "anti-vaxxers." With so many families suffering from the devastating effects of vaccines, you can imagine that the parents cross over into all sectors of our society, and can be found among medical doctors, attorneys, politicians, scientists and every other sector in our society. We have published scores of articles by many of them, particularly doctors and scientists who don't follow the Big Pharma and corporate media narrative on vaccines, and as such are usually labeled "quacks." They all share a common bond, as they are labeled "anti-vaxxers" and are blamed for everything from bringing back childhood diseases, to causing "epidemics" like measles outbreaks. And now, they are being blamed for causing the COVID-19 pandemic, which allegedly was backed by Russia, according to an organization that allegedly works with the FBI. Is this the last step in their goal of mandating vaccines for every single adult and child who lives on Planet Earth?

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  • FBI Targeting "Anti-Vaxxers" for Causing COVID Pandemic Allegedly Backed by Russia

    If we look closers into this not-for-profit- group, we would surely find lurking Big Pharma, and ultimately Bill Gates pulling the strings. It seem the tentacles of his poisonous campaign weave deep into U.S. society and far and wide..

    The U.S. government is, for now, trying to convince the public that they need to get the new vaccines (and many vaccines) voluntarily. A vaccine CANNOT grant herd immunity- this is their position, that vaccines make the population immune to disease. This is NOT TRUE- if it were why are "boosters' so often recommended ? Even government websites will say that certain vaccines must be taken every year.

    A virus is a moving target, constantly mutating, and you cannot hit a moving target.

    In fact babies receive "passive" immunity from their mothers at birth, and even more strongly through breast feeding. Did you know almost all moms in Norway are breastfeeding up to two years or more, and the irgovernment is wholly supporting this? That would never happen here where doctors say formula is the equivalent of breast milk. It IS NOT.

    Look at the miserable record of the flu vaccine and it is STILL recommended every year for babies and pregnant women. IT contains MERCURY that goes directly to the fetus in the womb as studies listed on Pub Med from the National Library of Medicine show.

    Fluoride in the water is a known toxin. Studies from Canada and Harvard this past year, and those first coming out of China, show how it impacts children's I.Q. , lowering it as much as 10 points. It also is causal in many diseases. Another "achievement" of public health policy. Dumbing down the population.

    Gates is regularly invited to the National Institute of Health planning meetings and photos of him sitting along side Dr. "Mr. Vaccine" Fauci, Frances Collins, head of the NIH, and the Director of the Fogarty program which dispensed grants as early as 2004 to China to study bat-borne corona virus, are found on google without much effort.

    When the public does not consent to vaccines, then we will see a campaign as we are starting to do, trying to convince people that those who do not want vaccines are a risk to the national security, or even worse, banned from jobs, schools and travel. Labeled them trouble-makers and dissenters.

    Gates will not stop... his involvement in the public health policies of many nations of the world, specifically African nations and India, aim at sickening and debilitating young people and making them infertile.

    This information is freely available on google.

    Facebook is turning into another arm of the "Greater Good Gates" and, has betrayed our trust, censoring health information and selling our data and information to the highest bidder. Shame on them !!! We trust our most personal details to Facebook friends and thus make ourselves very vulnerable to Big Brother.

  • FBI Targeting "Anti-Vaxxers" for Causing COVID Pandemic Allegedly Backed by Russia

    The InfraGard person is demonstrating his loyalty to "The Club."

  • FBI Targeting "Anti-Vaxxers" for Causing COVID Pandemic Allegedly Backed by Russia

    That is really trying to smack at the "ignorance" of anti-vaxxers by saying that WE are responsible for the corona virus pandemic? They don't even have a vaccine for that.....yet. And if the previous flu faccines were so effective why this pandemic now?

    What warms my heart is that I'm on a number of sites and many many people are saying they will NOT take this new vaccine when they come out with it. That's the good news.

  • FBI Targeting "Anti-Vaxxers" for Causing COVID Pandemic Allegedly Backed by Russia

    There are more and more people waking up. Thank GOD! On many various sites that I've been on over the last few days, there are more and more people stating they WILL NOT take this new vaccine when it comes out.

    Thankfully too there are more doctors stepping up and warning about vaccines. It's a shame that so many have been found dead. One doctor interviewed recently said that two of his doctor friends had been suicided for speaking out. And having a son that was injured from a vaccine, he too is now stepping up. He's had to flee our country because of being warned by a friend that he was next on the hit list.

    We owe a big thank you to these doctors who are speaking out and to this vaccine site that gives us much valuable information.