• Does 5G Make Us More Susceptible to Coronavirus Infection?

    Many have raised questions about whether there is a connection between 5G and this pandemic. In some ways, the connection between COVID-19 and 5G is a moot issue. In other ways, it's not. Either way, it's tangential to what you need to do now to protect yourself and your family from here on out. At the time of this interview, which took place March 31, 2020, a vast majority of those who have died from COVID-19 were elderly. Those who died in China and Italy under the age of 50 have generally been encumbered with obesity, diabetes and hypertension, with insulin resistance being the common denominator. Very few under the age of 19 are affected. That said, the infection appears to be more aggressive than influenza in older individuals, and the illness lasts longer than the regular flu. So, there's enhanced virulence to this virus for some reason we yet do not understand. While unproven, one current theory is that EMF radiation — and the addition of 5G in particular — could be having an impact.

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  • Does 5G Make Us More Susceptible to Coronavirus Infection?

    5G can adversely effect your health.

    In 1901 there were “only” two transmitters, on the lsle of Wight, while in 1904 there were four, making this island the “Most irradiated place on the planet,” leaving bees no room for survival.

    In 1906, a survey revealed that 90% of the bees had completely disappeared for no apparent reason.

    New colonies were brought to the island, but these likewise died within a week.

    This epidemic spread across England and then across the western world, and then gradually stabilized, until the armies equipped themselves with various high-powered radio transmitters towards the end of the First World War triggering, as we have seen, the (So called) Spanish flupandemic in 1918, which actually began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases.

    This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed.

    What intrigued the doctors was that while 15% of the civilian population were suffering from nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy suffered from them.

    Other bleeding also occurred, and a third of those who died did so due to internal hemorrhaging of the lungs or brain.

    In fact, it was the composition of the blood that had been altered, as the measured coagulation time was more than twice as long as normal.

    These symptoms are incompatible with the effects of the influenza respiratory viruses, but totally consistent with the devastating effects of electricity.

    Another incongruity was that two-thirds of the victims were healthy young people.

    A further atypical flu symptom was that the pulse slowed to rates of between 36 and 48, whereas this is a common result of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

    In addition, it was possible to successfully treat some sufferers with massive doses of calcium.

    The military physician Dr George A. Soper testified that the virus was spreading faster than the speed of movement of people.

    Various experiments were conducted attempting to infect subjects either by direct close contact or by inoculation with mucus or blood, but the experimenters were unable to demonstrate any infection by this means.



    5G kills trees:


  • Does 5G Make Us More Susceptible to Coronavirus Infection?

    What's the ultimate point behind these technologies? The answer: they want us dead.