• MIT PhD Scientist: Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates Want Every Person on the Planet Vaccinated

    In our effort to expose our readership to alternative views on the current COVID19 crisis, we want to feature the work of another scientist who does not follow the narrative being given to the public by our government officials and the corporate-sponsored "mainstream" media. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has a long list of credentials that should allow him to have a voice in the current COVID19 pandemic, but it is highly unlikely you will come across his views outside of the alternative media. Dr. Shiva is the inventor of email and polymath, and holds four degrees from MIT. He has been involved in medicine for almost 45 years. Dr. Shiva starts out by explaining the difference between what he calls the "reductionist approach" to medicine and health, and the "systemic approach," which as an engineer, is the approach he subscribes to. Rather than focus on a single cause (the coronavirus) to a disease, his approach is to view the body's "operating system," which is the immune system. He points out the fact that each one of us carries around over 328 TRILLION viruses in our body, so attributing an illness to a single virus is short-sighted. In an interview conducted this past weekend, Dr. Shiva discusses the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, which has 17 points for developing a "utopia" for the world. Part of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals is the World Health Organization's IA2030, which is designed to achieve this worldwide "utopia" by seeking to vaccinate every person on the planet. Dr. Shiva has a long history with the U.S. Government's top medical doctor controlling the nation's COVID19 response, Dr. Anthony Fauci. "This guy is a total front man (for Big Pharma), and no one will call him out. And do you know why? Because all the academics, many of whom I went to school with and studied with, they all have to pay homage to people like Fauci because they control their grant funding." Dr. Shiva claims he is an independent researcher who is self-funded, therefore he is able to speak freely. He mentions the fact that Dr. Fauci is on the leadership council for the Gates Foundation, and that Fauci is best known for developing what he calls the "PR Campaign" to convince the public that the HIV virus caused AIDS. Much research has been conducted that concludes there is no relationship between HIV and AIDS. Like many other scientists and medical doctors we have featured here at Health Impact News, Dr. Shiva states his concern that the response to the COVID19 pandemic does not match the actual threat to the public. So when the facts do not support the action, we need to look for another cause for the actions.

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  • MIT PhD Scientist: Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates Want Every Person on the Planet Vaccinated

    Dr Shiva, you ROCK! Thank you and God bless you for this! How about that Boris Johnson situation huh? Trumps sends his team to London and you KNOW they brought Hydroxychloraquine. How would that work if it was soon announced that this "drug" (actually it's from the bark of the fever tree;-) cured Boris? It would expose the MSM & Pharma, who have been fighting to keep us from it because they want to sell vaccines.

    The Great Awakening.

    Godspeed, Joy