• The Flu Shot Can Protect You From Coronavirus is FAKE News According to Medical Doctor

    The headline in the February 25, 2020 article in the New York Times article reads, “How to prepare for the Coronavirus.” Right below the headline, in large font, it states, “Wash your hands. Keep a supply of medicines. Get a flu shot.” I have no problems with the idea of washing hands. That is a good antimicrobial technique. As for keeping a supply of medications, the author of the article is making the point of having a 30-day supply of medications on hand in case you cannot go out to get them. I have no issue with that advice. Get a flu shot? WHAT? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? The writer states, “Infectious disease specialists strongly recommend flu vaccination. And the best protection for older people against bacterial pneumonia is, paradoxically, to vaccinate children…” Folks, this is another example of FAKE NEWS! The flu vaccine has never been shown to protect against pneumonia. I would suggest the opposite is true; those who get the flu vaccine will be more at risk for other non-flu-like infections such as coronavirus.

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  • The Flu Shot Can Protect You From Coronavirus is FAKE News According to Medical Doctor

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  • The Flu Shot Can Protect You From Coronavirus is FAKE News According to Medical Doctor

    "I wonder if the flu vaccine was mandated in China before the coronavirus epidemic began. That could explain why so many Chinese were infected with coronavirus."

    Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD has multiple articles on the virus. The article give plausible theories on why the virus is more detrimental to certain age groups and why people are being infected in the first place. article: More on the ACE2-Related Asian COVID-19 Susceptibility Hypothesis:https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2020/02/16/more-on-th...

    Why Is the Mortality Rate So Low Outside of China?

    The current mortality rate outside of China is very low, I estimate around 0.005%, compared to the 2.3% rate in China. Most if not all of the deaths outside of China have involved Chinese citizens who have traveled abroad.

    Current hypotheses include that a covert SARS vaccination program was included in the national mandatory vaccination program started on Dec 1, 2019 that happened to involve a secondary true outbreak of Coronavirus with secondary exposure. Under such conditions, the animal models clearly show that vaccination against SARS spike proteins lead to high rates of morbidity and mortality, especially in older mice. No children seem to be dying in China, consistent with them being excluded from a large-scale initial Phase II or Phase III trial. Mortality appears highest in Hubei and Wuhan as well. We know a Phase I trial against SARS was conducted with 120 people by Sinovac around 2007.

    Another possibility is that a vaccine used by the Chinese has weakened their response to an otherwise mild coronavirus infection. SARS 2 binding to ACE2 is weaker. Thimerosal inhibits ERAP1. Vaccination with aluminum hydroxide containing vaccines might induce autoimmunity in the lungs. All of these factors could play a role in making vaccinated individuals more susceptible.

    A third possibility is that people in that geographic region who had prior SARS infections might be less able to fight off SARS 2 simply due to original antigenic sin from infection. Toronto, Canada, take note.

    The theory is people who were vaccinated for SARS are more susceptible to the virus. If this holds out all it takes is a few infected people to pass it around. One way to think about this is the Flu study done by Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Center for Disease Control study showed that repeated Flu shots made people more susceptible to the Flu in the future. If you took a vaccine for SARS, even years ago the changes in your lungs may have made you more susceptible to this new version of SARS.

    A FLU shot will give people a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY, just like wearing a mask that most of the research I've read says doesn't work unless it is the type that has a suction to the skin on your face to prevent viruses, which are extremely tiny, from entering. Keep in mind that thousands of people in China die from pneumonia every year so, the Chinese are no longer testing for coronavirus, just basing diagnosis on symptoms and is every person that died lab confirmed coronavirus? Lots of questions and not many answers.