• Do We Need $2.5 BILLION for Coronavirus Vaccine? What Happened to the $2 BILLION Spent on the Zika Vaccine?

    The White House is asking Congress for AT LEAST $2.5 billion in emergency funds, in part, to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus outbreak. Before we give any governmental agency AT LEAST $2.5 billion dollars we should know how it is going to be spent. Recall the Zika scare from 2016. At that time we were being told by the US governmental agencies (FDA, CDC, and HHS) that somehow a relatively benign virus that has been around for nearly 100 years was suddenly causing birth defects in the form of small-headed babies. Congress ended up giving the CDC over $1 billion dollars to develop a Zika vaccine. Here we are 4 years later and…no Zika vaccine and no more reports of small-headed Zika infections. The reason there are no more reports is because Zika did not cause the problem in the first place. Zika is still occurring around the world and we are still surviving—without an epidemic of small-headed babies. The CDC should be the last governmental organization trusted with AT LEAST $2.5 billion dollars to study COVID-19. The CDC has consistently lied and hid data that shows our kids are suffering adverse effects from receiving too many vaccines. The CDC is the same organization that refuses to complete a study comparing children fully vaccinated against those unvaccinated. That study would provide the final answer to whether too many vaccines are harming our children.  The CDC was tasked with that study decades ago and has the available data available, and yet…we still have no study.

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  • Do We Need $2.5 BILLION for Coronavirus Vaccine? What Happened to the $2 BILLION Spent on the Zika Vaccine?

    The American People don't need a 2.5 Billion dollar vaccine but the CDC and all the research companies that want to take a swing at making a vaccine do. Yes, what happened to Zika? BUT what happened to the vaccines for: SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola? There is always tax payer money for research but any viable results are never achieved. But we all know making a viable vaccine isn't the point because there isn't a vaccine that has been proven to work when tested against a true placebo. Oh my bad, vaccines aren't tested against a true placebo so it can't be said vaccine work at all. The research is just busy work. You know, making it look like you're doing something when you really aren't-but it looks good in photos. The point is MONEY. $1.6 billion of tax payer money given and what has happened with Zika-NOTHING. My question is-where is the money going?

    This interesting tweet was put out by Investigative journalist Richard Engel:

    Richard Engel ✔@RichardEngel

    Don’t panic. Doctors/ virologists I’m speaking to say 98% of

    people will be fine, even if they get Covid-19. They expect it will go

    around the world, but that most people who get it will be a little sick,

    then recover. The danger is to vulnerable people. Hospitals/ old age

    homes. 3:53 PM - Feb 26, 2020


    Richard Engel ✔@RichardEngel

    In this case, she’s Dr. Danielle Anderson. 20 yrs experience in

    the field, works directly with coronavirus. Top specialist. Duke.

    Harvard. She’ll be on Nightly News and was already on Msnbc. One of

    several Drs I’ve intervied on this today, and over last few days around

    the world. 5:04 PM - Feb 26, 2020


    Given the fact that this juiced up crisis follows the same pattern as the other crisis I mentioned and you can put Measles and Whooping Cough outbreaks in the group, they all fall under the category of False Flags. Why: A couple of good reasons:

    I’ve been reading Dr. Weiler series on the Coronavirus and there are indications that people being infected by this virus is because of previous vaccinations to the SARS virus years ago which has made them more susceptible to this new strain of Coronavirus. SARS is a Coronavirus. It’s complicated so you’d have to read all his articles on it but the jest is it’s not a Bioweapon as some have implied. Mandatory vaccination in China, SARS starting as far back as 2004 that included a spike protein. After sensitization by a vaccine against a form of Coronavirus, a rechallenge by another Coronavirus can lead to massive pneumonia, according to the research. Please read Dr. Weiler’s reports to put this into perspective.

    One way to think about this is the Flu study done by Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control study showed that repeated Flu shots made people more susceptible to the Flu in the future.

    Some interesting info:
    -China said it confirmed 15,152 new cases and 254 additional deaths and that those figures include the ones reported earlier by Hubei province.
    -China’s Hubei province reported an additional 242 deaths and 14,840 new cases as of Feb. 12.
    -The province said it is starting to include “clinically diagnosed” cases in its figures and that 13,332 of the new cases fall under that classification.

    Clinically Diagnosed:
    Diagnosis based on a study of the signs and symptoms of a disease.

    So if this is correct they (China) are no longer doing a TEST to determine if a person has the virus they are relying on symptoms & signs.

    NO tests for the presence of the coronavirus are now necessary, in China.

    The new method of counting? CT scans (computed tomography scans) of the chest.

    The scans are used to diagnose standard traditional lung diseases.

    For example, pneumonia.

    And pneumonia is called THE “coronavirus illness.”
    (video at link)

    “There is only one problem. Deaths from pneumonia, in China, appear to be 300,000 per year / 3 million per decade (I’m making a major downward estimate, based on correcting an error and referring to a trusted source.) These deaths certainly occurred in time periods before the purported emergence of the new coronavirus. Pneumonia has been around forever.”

    Get it? A test for ordinary pneumonia—CT Scan—now becomes a test that delivers a diagnosis of “new epidemic coronavirus.”

    Than there is this:
    The CDC sent novel coronavirus testing kits to Florida. They might not work
    Florida health officials received testing kits for novel coronavirus earlier this week but can’t use them yet because it’s unclear whether the tests are working.

    Do we, the public, really know what is going on because I bet you we are not being told the truth.