• Coronavirus: Who is Controlling the Information? Are Potential Government Actions More Dangerous than the Actual Virus?

    Is the current coronavirus "pandemic" really threatening modern civilization as we know it, or is it being hyped to appear much worse than it really is? To answer this question, it depends on where you get your information, and how you interpret that information. Anyone who has lived in the U.S. much for the past 10 years or so has seen a familiar path that the fear surrounding the coronavirus is taking. We saw the same fear being propagated this past summer (2019) over an alleged new "measles outbreak" that was used to justify massive government intervention, targeted primarily against those who were not vaccinated with the alleged fraudulent MMR vaccine. New York City went so far as to ban unvaccinated children from appearing in public places this past summer.  And yet, no one died from the measles, and other infectious diseases that were NOT labeled as "outbreaks" or "epidemics," and yet infected a far higher percentages of people, such as whooping cough that DOES cause death, did not get the same media attention. Merck pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine, saw sales soar as a result of the publicized "measles outbreak." Other diseases that were promoted by fear-based corporate media outlets in recent years include: Ebola, Zika, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and many others. And yet, here we are today at the beginning of 2020 with no history of massive casualties in the U.S. due to these "outbreaks." Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy Award winning independent news reporter who just recently recorded a podcast titled: Coronavirus: Who is controlling the information?

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  • Coronavirus: Who is Controlling the Information? Are Potential Government Actions More Dangerous than the Actual Virus?

    The Facts

    An individual experiencing the symptoms of the Ebola Syndrome and Coronavirus] exhibit a protein designated VP-35 containing damaged amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins. The degraded proteins are most often a result of enzymes called cysteine proteases and other external influences such as poisoning and long term dehydration by the individual.

    From Wikipedia: "Cysteine proteases are enzymes that degrade proteins."

    A January 2012 abstract published by the Journal of Virology and titled Filoviruses Require Endosomal Cysteine Proteases for Entry but Exhibit Distinct Protease Preferences revealed: "endosomal cysteine proteases [negative enzymes] are host factors for Ebola virus."


    - The use of the word "Entry" in the title and the use of the word "host" in the text of the abstract indicates an inciting event of the Ebola Syndrome and Coronavirus are the degrading of the amino acids to create and/or support the VP-35 protein.

    - The words "Entry" and 'host" exclude the Ebola and Corona Viruses as the etiology or source of the amino acid breakdown which forms the VP-35 protein.

    - The words "Entry" and '"host" indicates a suitable and supportive environment has to exist before the viruses are created and travel throughout the individual.

    - The words "Entry" and 'host" concludes that the amino acids in the proteins of the individual had to have been damaged before the viruses appeared in the body.

    The above facts declare that an organism called a virus is not the primary cause for the Ebola Syndrome or the Coronavirus.

    At the very least the viruses are merely a symptomatic continuation of the cell degradation process and at the very most the viruses are peripheral secondary contributing factors to cellular and DNA dysfunction regardless if the viruses are natural or has been manipulated by humans. Since the Ebola and Corona Viruses do not cause the amino acid breakdown, what influences and factors create the VP-35 protein - an RNA suppressor?

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