• Witnessing The Vaccine Injury Epidemic: We will NOT be Silent! We will NOT Give Up!

    For many children, the natural order of life will never be completed. Some have already died. Some will one day join the ranks of the working disabled. And others will grow old and die in state homes with the bodies of adults and the brains of babies. For these children, the natural order of life has been forever changed by man-made viral and bacterial vaccines they were required by law to use. We are here today to witness the suffering of children, who have no voice and have no choice except the voice and choice that we, their mothers and fathers, give to them. Science is not perfect, doctors are not infallible, and vaccines carry unpredictable risks that are greater for some people. If we do not get up off our knees and stop worshiping scientists and doctors who have too little knowledge and have been given too much power, tomorrow we will not be able to get on a bus, train or plane; enter a store or sports arena; obtain a driver’s license or passport, file our taxes or function in society without getting every vaccine that industry creates and the government orders us to get. It is time to reject the cruel pseudo-ethic of utilitarianism propping up mandatory vaccination laws that justify child sacrifice by reducing what is moral to a mathematical equation. When the State considers one of us to be expendable, then we are all considered expendable. And if the State can tag, track down and force individuals to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow. There is no greater calling for Americans in the 21st century than to defend those civil and human rights that protect against tyranny. We will not be silent. We will not go away. We will never give up. We are the daughters and sons of liberty, and our mission continues: No forced vaccination. Not in America.

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  • Witnessing The Vaccine Injury Epidemic: We will NOT be Silent! We will NOT Give Up!

    Many of the numbers cited for childhood illnesses in this article are outdated. It is MUCH worse now. 2013 was the last year the total for all chronic illnesses in vaccinated American children was compiled or published by our agencies. At that time 43% of our kids were sick. (NOTE: The 54% cited by Del includes obesity)

    The researchers at TheControlGroup.org have compiled a new total. It's now 70% for 2018. This number is further confirmed by a recent UCLA study showing that 70% of vaccinated American children were taking one or more long-term prescription drugs in 2018.

    TheControlGroup.org is now the world's leading authority on the health data of entirely unvaccinated subjects. Less than 1% of entirely unvaccinated kids have ANY health problems. Simple fact. It doesn't take a genius to figure our what this means. An increase from 43% to 70% in just FIVE years is staggering, and it points to the death of this Nation in short order. And with the numbers coming in on the TRUE "controls" (unvaccinated) it's blatantly obvious what's happening. The Control Group now has a 6,000% higher reliability factor than the CDC's own standards for a "95% reliability" rating. Our numbers are TRUE and they're backed up with hard copy surveys that are admissible under the Federal Rules of Evidence. You didn't think we were doing this just to see if a 95% Pharma-funded journal would "publish" it, did you?

    And now we're headed into the next phase of establishing an accuracy-of-reporting rating, by obtaining physicals conducted by MDs, on a sampling from our survey group. We're also implementing a strategy to eliminate questions of "selection bias" before heading into court. We may not be able to sue the bastards for MONEY at this time because of the NCVIA, but we CAN sue for Declaratory Relief, and with this evidence we CAN get a Nationwide injunction against ALL vaccine mandates!

    I am sick to DEATH of people continuing to frame this argument as being about the "few" who are "vulnerable" to vaccine injury. At 70%, the time for this worn our argument is OVER. The word "rare" is NOT a risk factor. Risk factors are expressed in NUMBERS. Pharma has no NUMBERS. All they have is an entirely unsubstantiated slogan, an adjective. The word (the LIE) "rare", which is no more objective or scientific than the word "fun".

    Pharma has never ONCE collected a shred of health data on entirely unvaccinated controls. Therefore, they have never ONCE engaged in anything resembling "science" or used the "scientific method" in ANY so-called "safety study" for vaccines. They have exactly ZERO "scientific evidence" to support their "rare" slogan.

    The fact is, Pharma is about to wipe out an entire generation of American children. I am DONE with the vaccine injury porn. I am DONE with endless speeches to the SAME audiences year after year, scaring people with how "bad" vaccines are. We already KNOW how bad it is! WTF are we going to DO about it? This is what people need to know. And telling them to continue begging the legislative branch of government is NOT working. I am DONE begging crooked and fully-bribed politicians to do the right thing. I am DONE being upset about this, donating, making signs, and NEVER seeing a single one of the loudest "leaders" in this mess actually do anything EFFECTIVE to stop this wholesale slaughter. The "aware" people ALREADY KNOW how bad it is. How much more of our money, time, and energy, do we need to waste continuing to helplessly wallow in the agony of it?

    AWARE people also know that more protesting, gathering and talking about it, etc., is NOT an effective battle plan! It's been going on for decades now, the SAME crap, and it's been no more effective at stopping this beast than using a BB gun to stop Godzilla while he's destroying your city. The beast advances, and we keep doing the SAME things, whining, moaning, bitching, making signs that the politicians laugh at, while they call us "crazy" for holding a picture of our dead babies, as they rush into the Capitol to collect another Pharma donation. IT'S NOT HELPING.

    We're running out of places to hide now. We have no CHOICE but to find a way to kill this beast, and then execute an ACTUAL battle plan. WE must go after IT, with a mind toward killing it, because it will NEVER stop. Where will you hide if America falls to it?

    The Control Group is sharpening the tools we'll need for a REAL battle, one that will inflict a deadly wound on the beast, a wound from which it will never recover. It's time to ACTUALLY lead people to a REMEDY. It's time to either lead, follow, or get OUT OF THE WAY! Pharma and their minions are NOT EVER going to "do the study" FOR US. Continuing to beg THEM is like begging a murderer to go dig up the dead bodies so we can send him to jail for the rest of his life.

    The new mandates for EVERYONE to be injected (already drafted, while they bribe some more votes to pass them) are just Pharma's desperate attempt to bury the last of the evidence by eliminating the controls (unvaccinated) so there won't be anything to compare with. We're not waiting around for this to happen while we bitch and moan about how bad it is, and then hope "somebody else" or "they" will come to save us. There are studies out there, but what GOOD are they doing any of us? They're too small to survive scrutiny, and they were NOT done in preparation for a federal lawsuit to comply with the Federal rules of evidence. Instead, these researchers fantasize PHARMA-controlled "journals" will "publish" them, so that PHARMA minions can "peer review" their work and fully discredit them in the public eye, IF they Pharma ever agrees to publish them in the 1st place.

    Thank GOD Pharma doesn't control the Federal Rules of Evidence! Most doctors and scientists who are aware, know NOTHING about the law. They actually believe the only way evidence becomes admissible is AFTER Pharma gives it their blessing by publishing it. WRONG! It doesn't work this way. The other problem here, is that most lawyers would never take on this beast UNLESS there's a pile of MONEY waiting for them at the end of it. TheControlgroup.org is NOT doing this for MONEY. Not ONE of us takes a penny for our time.

    We're in this ti KILL the beast.

    From the Movie "The Edge":

    HOPKINS: "It CAN be done. You believe it?"

    BALDWIN: (the sniveling coward): "I don't think it'll work"

    HOPKINS: "It WILL work! What one man can do, another can do!"

    BALDWIN: "We can't kill the bear. He's ahead of us all the time. It's like he's reading our mind. He's stalking us for God's sake!"

    HOPKINS: "Do you want to die out here? Huh? Well, then die. But I'll tell you what. I'm not gonna die. No. I'm gonna kill the bear. Say it! 'I'm gonna kill the bear!' Say it!"

    Do you people WANT to die? Or do you want to LIVE? Where do you think you'll be able to hide if America falls to Pharma? They are EVERYWHERE!!! In some countries they're injecting people at GUN POINT now. TheControlgroup.org goes to KILL THE MF-ing bear! We WILL do this! Say it! "I'm going to kill the bear!"

    Now help us sharpen our tools! If you or your children are unvaccinated "controls" go to our website and take a moment to do a survey. You can do it anonymously, but we do need hard copy mailed to us for court. PLEASE be a warrior and SPREAD THE WORD. Follow what we're doing and tell others. With enough people focused on an actual REMEDY (a Nationwide injunction against all vaccine mandates) we CAN kill the bear.


    Joy Garner, founder of TheControlGroup.org

  • Witnessing The Vaccine Injury Epidemic: We will NOT be Silent! We will NOT Give Up!

    Why can not I or any upstanding Citizen of the United States of America, a Country which boasts of Liberty and justice for all, where Freedom(supposedly) Rings... with all safety measures in place to address the Senate and Hse in their space? The very space we the people afford them through our taxes.So in truth whose space does it really belong to? Why do these elected officials suddenly become an elite class of people that can't be reached, that can not be touched.. WE, They speak of Safety and Secure.. this is not true there is no safety or security when NO ONE if not one of them can be reached out to… WE have continuously reached out to this elected population and get NO response.. that is no different than a baby fearing and suffering abandonment by its Mother when it cries out to her and gets no response.. its like death to an infant.. and so it feels the same for the people of this country.. its abandonment … it is a death.. all we get back from this elected group of elitists is how hard they are trying.. trying to do WHAT... to take all of our rights away so that their job is made easier to ignore us.. WHO and WHERE is the law that states NO one unless you are an elected official can be in the space that the taxpayers paid for.. SHOW me the law, the RULING... that keeps you and me from standing in front of the podium to speak out directly into their faces in the very space that they congregate in ... WHY do we continue treating these spaces and these peoples as if they were gods and the space as if it were some sacred holy place that only the privilege can place foot upon it... WHY have we given them this authority and power? IN the name of what.. THESE are man made rituals, customs, and beliefs.. all of which are subject to scrutiny, questioning. investigating their usefulness to the people who put them there... I say we look into this matter and change the law … change the ruling.. and open up the floor to speakers such as the Barbara Loe Fisher, Robert F Kennedy Jr., Dr. Tenpenny, Dr.Wakefield and all of the speakers of the V,I.E. We shouldn't allow that they or WE the people have to stand out in the cold hoping to be heard on any topic of concern to the people.. I believe that somewhere the law or ruling has been mis-interpreted where we believe that the only way to reach these people is by exercising the 1st amendment.. There is something we all have been made blind to.. IF we got these people elected.. and they don't listen.. we can't continue believing that there is no way to get on that floor to address them directly...other than more and more elaborately constructed labyrinth that makes it virtually impossible to talk to them as they should be spoken to... Where is the Freedom being practiced then? The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. where is this role model being played out.. please do not cave into what we have always been told and brainwashed to believe....WE WERE ALSO TOLD VACCINES WERE SAFE.. .. please.. you with the genius to step up and have awaken to the truth.. with the law degrees, education, the right to be heard can not be just relegated to only one man made ruling.. We need to stop believing that we can not find another way besides the right to peacefully assemble(1st amendment).. and hopefully make a difference..Who ared these people believe they are once in office.. this elitism has got to go..they belong to the people and not to themselves... they are suppose to be our SERVANTS not the other way around.. so why do we keep treating them as royalty above us all.. we need to stop.. I am not saying we become disrespectful.. or unkind.. or behave in ways not becoming of a Citizen of the United States... If we are to be the proud people we say we are.. we don't have to become violent to take back what really we are at fault for having given it to them in the first place and then maintain that belief by the way we look at them, the way we revere them, and go into states of awe.. .. as the authority figures,,, they are NOT.. they are not our authority.. we ARE... I am my own authority... we all are.. voting them out is not the only way... having a hissy fit is neither... nor is it forever carrying signs and torches.. WE need to demand their attention for it is our right to do so.. and I should be able to stand in the space where we all have believed for way to long is holier than thou and speak freely what they need to hear because that is their job.. that's why they were elected by us....... Anna Poulin