• $10M Lawsuit Filed in New York Against Motels that Allegedly Allowed Child Sex Trafficking of Foster Children

    Andrew Denney and Gabrielle Fonrouge of the New York Post have reported on a $10 million lawsuit filed recently alleging that a 10-year-old foster girl was raped, tortured and beaten as she was sold for sex at two New York motels while staff turned a blind eye to what was happening. The young girl was trafficked through motels, according to the lawsuit, with the full knowledge of the motel staff who did nothing to try and stop this kind of sex trafficking of children. According to the NY Post article, 45% of all sexual exploitation in New York City happens in hotels. To understand the scope and depth of this problem of foster care children being sexually trafficked, go to an Internet search engine and search for law firms that specialize in representing foster care children who are sexually trafficked. You will have plenty to choose from. It is apparently a tragic booming business for attorneys. Here are a few:

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  • $10M Lawsuit Filed in New York Against Motels that Allegedly Allowed Child Sex Trafficking of Foster Children

    Am a targeted individual (TI). A name for honest, ethical, tax paying, brave, intelligent US citizens being inhumanely used as involuntary experimental human subjects. TIs have been contracted into a program of retribution by the wealthy, their corporations, governments, military/medical agencies, communications, city utilities and security companies. 70% of all TIs are single, older women. Directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic, radar and brain computer interface weapons (DEWs) are used against TIs. Sometimes we are chipped, implanted with nano-particles, poisoned with biological warfare, and chemicals. (This program has run for decades in the US, was first in the public light when reported from another country. When Cuban US Diplomats endured for a year what TIs all over the world endure for decades until their death.)

    The first time remotely raped with directed microwave weapons and brain computer interface was at a hotel in Springfield, MO.

    Ran from a home that is paid for. In which have lived peacefully for twenty years. To a hotel for the possibility of sleep without being DEW attacked. There all night from adjoining rooms and room directly above mine was remotely DEW/BCI human trafficked all night long. How? When a human's electromagnetic pulse is locked onto and invaded with a MU wave-this electromagnetic frequency does not allow voluntary muscle movement.

    Currently Springfield, MO has one of the highest climbing violent crime rates in the United States. Nothing is being done to assist TIs. Even TIs who contact first responders for assistance. Evidently 'protect and serve' does not include TIs. The organized crime in this city is built on the constant 24/7 remote DEW torture, rape and eventual murder of all TIs living quietly through a silent holocaust sweeping our nation. Thank you for this time. Sincerely, a Targeted Individual in Springfield, MO.