• Is the Arizona Human Trafficking Council Preventing Child Trafficking, or Facilitating it?

    Episode 5 of The Medical Kidnap Show aired on KFNX Talk Radio 1100 out of Phoenix on Sunday night, November 3, 2019. Our guest for this show was Lori Ford, the head of the DCS Oversight Group, which is a group of volunteers who attend meetings regarding Department of Children Services issues in Arizona. The group also has "court watchers" who attend Dependency Court hearings as parent advocates and to observe how these parents are being treated in Dependency Court. When asked why the members of the group provided their services to families and others free of charge, she replied: "The reason that we do this, is it's so important. This is the future of our country, the future of our nation. And family means everything to all of us. So that's why we do it. We see so many rights being violated in this dependency court system." This past week (Tuesday, October 29, 2019), the Arizona Human Trafficking Council conducted a meeting that was open to the public, and Lori Ford and other members of the DCS Oversight Group attended. Lori addressed the Council, pointing out that while the Council had exposed websites that trafficked kids, such as BackPage.com, which was shut down by the FBI last year, that the Council had not addressed another website in Arizona that trafficks kids, the DCS .gov website: "Children's Heart Gallery." "The children who are on this Heart Gallery, which is part of the DCS website, are children that are in DCS custody. They're foster kids, they're kids in group homes. This is a forced adoption, a forced re-homing if you will, website, of children who are in DCS custody. They're pimping out kids online."

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  • Is the Arizona Human Trafficking Council Preventing Child Trafficking, or Facilitating it?

    Check it out, you can not tell me that with all the technology and the recording of Everything from emails, faxes, phone calls and texting that we can not put a stop to this sexual craving of American Men for children. It can be done. It must be done. Why is it not done?

    It is a fact that children have a much higher risk of dying when removed from home! Them why are they being removed faster then ever? He'll, at the price tag that the tax payers are paying, it would be cheaper to put up in home cameras to watch troubled family's or put a "live in" program in action. This surely would be steps to "keep the family together". Keep the family together is what it is all about. Right?

    Do you people know where they are taking the money from to pay for all this foster care stuff? They take it from the Social Security Funds. Not acceptable.

    Save the children at any price.