• Why This Yale Scientist Believes the TIMING of Vaccines is Harming Our Children

    Heather Zwickey, a Yale-trained scientist who is currently Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the National University of Natural Medicine and Director of the Helfgott Research Institute, has done original research to develop vaccines. Zwickey earned her Ph.D. in immunology and microbiology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and did a postdoc at Yale Medical School. When I interviewed her while doing research for one of my books, Zwickey explained that she was staunchly in favor of some kind of vaccine program. Her scientific concerns are not about vaccines in general, but about the timing of the current childhood vaccine program. Zwickey explained why: A newborn’s immune system can’t mount an effective response to diseases or to vaccines because it is protecting the baby’s brain, which would be damaged by a full-fledged immune reaction. So newborns rely on their mother’s antibodies, which they get in breast milk, to give them the immune cells and proteins needed to combat infections.

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  • Why This Yale Scientist Believes the TIMING of Vaccines is Harming Our Children

    It is most interesting to note that the best trained pedigree researchers must declare their allegiance to "some kind of vaccine program" and thereby distance themselves from what has been deemed "anti vax". Having been carefully watching this issue for three decades and the myriad outright lies and mis-statements from the medical community, this is the place we have arrived . No longer is it the chiropractors who have the largest voice in dissent. It is now the out of the box medical docs and researchers. That is not a small thing.

    Let us not forget that injecting foreign antigens directly into the blood stream is a radical intervention and not trivial, if rarely mentioned. Without diverging into the poignant discussion of the preservative and adjuvants the whole technology is dependent on.

    Vaccination is failed science at its best, and the worst medical intervention to date at its worst.