• Oregon Pediatrician Responds to Critics - Explains How Much Money Pediatricians Make on Vaccines

    Let us set the record straight. I am not anti-vaccine. I am absolutely pro-science and vaccine risk aware. One huge misconception, and I see the comments on this, is that pediatricians don't make money on vaccines or that they are not financially incentivized to vaccinate. There are profits from vaccine mark-ups and huge profits from vaccine administration fees. The average admin fee is about $35 per vaccine. For the 715 patients born into my practice who have refused to give any vaccines (each child would have had 28 vaccines by age 2 and over 60 vaccines in their childhood) amounting to income of $700,000 for the 2 years and $1.5 million over their childhood. Those are real dollars lost for Integrative Pediatrics. The money lost when considering that we serve over 15,000 patients, with most being selective about how they vaccinate would have driven most practices out of business. There are also built in incentives in many contracts with health plans. Vaccines are a quality measure (if your practice does not reach a bench mark in numbers vaccinated) you loose a % on all services provided to patients under that insurance contract. Is it any wonder most of my peers discharge patients from their practices who won't follow the CDC schedule? Often these patients are told to call Dr. Thomas (Integrative Pediatrics). Let us be clear. It is not a good business decision to allow families not to vaccinate or to permit selective vaccination. We at Integrative Pediatrics honor the law in Oregon that allows informed consent. Parents are still permitted in Oregon to make health care decisions for their children. Those who discharge these families deny them their legal right. They also profit greatly by limiting the numbers of non-vaccinating families or partially vaccinating families.

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  • Oregon Pediatrician Responds to Critics - Explains How Much Money Pediatricians Make on Vaccines

    David-Knight said:

    I am looking for the article where Dr. Thomas exposes how much he is offered for pushing vaccines. I want to share it and it seems to be gone now.

    Are you referring to this very article you are commenting on, where Dr. Thomas explains vaccine administrative fees? https://vaccineimpact.com/2019/oregon-pediatrician-responds-to-critics-explains-how-much-money-pediatricians-make-on-vaccines/

    Or are you looking for an article like this (not by Dr. Thomas)? https://vaccineimpact.com/2018/incentivizing-pediatricians-to-be-vaccine-bullies/

  • Oregon Pediatrician Responds to Critics - Explains How Much Money Pediatricians Make on Vaccines

    A doctor who will forgo millions in profits to make sure his patients make their own choices about what to inject, or whether or not to inject their children,....hmm. Appreciation and prayers are appropriate here.

    About the "informed choice": Parents need to see the actual NUMBERS. Entirely unsubstantiated marketing slogans like "rare" are not an expression of risk factor. Risk factors are expressed numerically. I understand you've compiled some numbers related to vaccination risks? Do you share these actual numbers with all of your patients?

    The CDC reports that 99% of Americans are vaccinated, at least partially, and that most children are fully up to date on all CDC recommended shots. The CDC reports that a little over 3 million Americans are entirely unvaccinated. These 3 million are the only true "controls" left to study. Since 99% of Americans have been "treated" to the shots, the published National disease stats are a good barometer of the health of this almost entirely vaccinated population.

    By surveying the health of entirely unvaccinated, we get a pretty good picture of their disease rates, and these are expressed numerically, rather than with marketing slogans. TheControlGroup.org has been doing this. Our sampling rate now exceeds the CDC's own standards for a "95% reliability rating" by a whopping 3,600%. So far, our results are showing that less than 1% of entirely unvaccinated have ANY health problems AT ALL. By doing a bit of simple and obvious math (comparing this to the health of the 99% vaccinated population) and we can see what the TRUE overall risks are for vaccination. Clearly, the less shots, the lower the risks. We can also instantly see that for children, the risk of any disease, pharma-induced brain and nervous system injury, cancer, etc., or even minor health problems, drops down below 1% simply by avoiding the filthy practice of routinely injecting myriad toxins, foreign animal and human DNA, and even things like glyphosates, which they don't list on the ingredients lists, but which are found in the shots in any case, along with the cancer tumor cell lines they also failed to mention are in the shots.

    Who knew that the single most effective "preventative health measure" anyone could take, would be as simple as just avoiding shots? Nice and simple, and FREE. The best things in life, like our health, truly are free.

    So how does one make an "informed choice" when they are NOT given any objective NUMBERS? The word "rare" is just a subjective marketing slogan. Pharma might believe a 40% or higher chance of something terrible happening to a child, (sooner or later) is "rare". If people heard the real NUMBERS they would not choose an adjective like "rare" to describe them. How does one determine what the real numbers are? Oh yeah, they actually study the health outcomes for REAL controls who've never been "treated" to the shots.

    TheControlGroup.org is headed into Federal court near the end of 2019 to obtain a Nationwide injunction against all vaccine mandates. We need this, and we need it soon. Pharma will never stop it's advance, no matter if we've managed to slow them down from time to time by protesting. Our next generation of children is being ravaged at this time, and it's reached a crisis level that has the potential to collapse our Nation if we don't put a stop to it very soon. Pharma has also been teaming up with state legislators and CPS to arrange for the jailing of parents who don't vaccinate according to the CDC's schedules, i.e., have them charged with felonies under "medical neglect" laws, and to confiscate all unvaccinated children, which CPS is frothing at the bit to do, because it's highly profitable to remove children from their family homes. All of this is coming to EVERY state very soon. I have seen their "think tank" reports from 2017 and they're moving FAST now in every state. Whether they've managed to pass state vaccine mandates or not, they're gearing up to confiscate unvaccinated children. The are open about their plans, even publishing them online. CPS is now gaining access to "lists" of names and addresses for unvaccinated. They are all vile and they will NEVER stop until WE stop them. And this means more than waiting for them to make their next move, hoping we can somehow slow, or delay, their advances. It means charging into battle after them.

    So The Control Group is going to Federal court under the Declaratory Relief Act to obtain a Nationwide injunction against all vaccine mandates. It's time for people to step up and end this madness once and for all. Join us in this effort. Go to our website and contact us. Tell us what you might be able to help with. We're currently compiling a legal aid team, and we need a few more paralegals to work on declarations for our growing list of witnesses, both expert, and direct-fact. We have other areas where even a small time commitment can make a big difference for us all. We're going to battle folks, and we have more manpower than Pharma has dollars. The more coordinated and strategic our unified efforts, the more certain and swift our victory will be.


    Joy Garner, founder of The Control Group