• Adult Medical Kidnapping: Euthanizing America's Seniors - Orlando Medical Guardian Resigns After Getting Caught, but How Many More Are There?

    The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that professional guardian Rebecca Fierle has resigned after an investigation revealed that she had filed unauthorized “do not resuscitate" orders on almost all of her senior patients, against the wishes of the patient and their families. The investigation was prompted by the Orlando Sentinel's report that one of her patients died due to her "do not resuscitate" (DNR) order, even after the patient and family requested that the DNR be rescinded. The Sentinel reports: "A man died at a Tampa hospital after staff could not perform life-saving procedures because of a “do not resuscitate” order his Orlando guardian filed against his wishes, state investigators determined. The investigation into the final days of 75-year-old Steven Stryker of Cocoa caused Circuit Judge Janet C. Thorpe to seek the removal of his court-appointed guardian, Rebecca Fierle, from 95 Orange County cases at once in a hearing sealed from the media last week. Thorpe found Fierle had “abused her powers” by requesting that incapacitated clients not receive medical treatment if their heart or breathing stopped — without permission from their families or the court, records show. The investigation concluded that Fierle refused to remove the DNR despite Stryker’s desire for life-saving actions, and that her claims about his final wishes contradicted his daughter, friend and a psychiatrist." We applaud the work of the Orlando Sentinel, fulfilling their role as the media was originally intended to be: a voice educating the public on matters that government and medical authorities would prefer remain in secrecy. Too often in our own investigative work here at Health Impact News, we find that the corporate-sponsored media is the mouth-piece of the medical system and government, rather than exposing its corruption. If not for the investigative work of the Orlando Sentinel, this professional guardian working for the State of Florida may have continued to euthanize seniors against their wishes and the wishes of their families. Rebecca Fierle has now resigned and faces criminal charges, but how many more like her are still out there?

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  • Adult Medical Kidnapping: Euthanizing America's Seniors - Orlando Medical Guardian Resigns After Getting Caught, but How Many More Are There?

    This is so sickening but I know it’s true.

    My father was in and out of the hospital for the last 7 years (just passed in June) I stayed with him 24/7 most of the time in hospital! If at all possible DO NOT LEAVE your family alone in hospital trade places work in shifts just Don’t leave them! Keep a notebook write down everything!Social Workers were like vultures with my dad Insinuated he had dementia and he was sharp as a tac but they would make him mad and he was old school so he would get testy with them and they always wanted to know what he owned? It gave me GREAT pleasure to say nothing! This was only because my dad had everything signed over to my brother 8 years before health became bad! I even had one ask me “Has it been 5 years?” That’s the amount of time it has to be so they can’t touch anything. And after they found out he didn’t have anything they lost complete interest in helping us. I say that’s fine, I had my daddy’s back! Be Diligent Be their Advocate! God Bless everyone in this situation!

  • Adult Medical Kidnapping: Euthanizing America's Seniors - Orlando Medical Guardian Resigns After Getting Caught, but How Many More Are There?


    I would like to to say my prayers are with you and your family.I recently went through same thing in KY I reached out to so many people and State that failed to do job.In Kentucky they investigate the children wrong doing by state but don't want to talk about elderly abuse by state.It's not only the children neglected the elderly is abused and neglected took her every thing had her evicted froze her money lge and no meds or personal needs had her homeless and mad because I kept complaining and reporting workers and they came it's a case over with system. They State worker lied said she was Alzheimer's because that was the first place available told my grandma she was there for therapy which was a lie the worker never done her job got email and everything support wrong doing of state worker her wrong doing lead to Grandma death and state was at fault got proof been trying to reach out so that people can hear how DCBS cares less it's about money. My grandma then had issues with leg that worker told her she be getting therapy for killed her because they was under impression she's was Alzheimer's by state she it lead to blood clot had two strokes previous because they thought she was Alzheimer's .killing me State doing elderly wrong and children. I been trying to get the word out to world about the system of Kentucky

    So I truly relate to your story..

    So sorry to hear