• Leading Obstetrics Journal Recommends Increased Drugs for Pregnant Women While Failing to Disclose Big Pharma Sponsors

    The inordinate undisclosed influence brought to bear by drug companies on medical practice is undermining the credibility of recommended medical practice. Case in point: new recommendations for the treatment of pregnant women would increase their ingestion of powerful drugs. Despite lack of adequate evidence of safety from serious risks of harm, the influential National Partnership for Maternal Safety, is promoting expanded indications for initiating treatment for depression and the prevention of thromboembolism (among other conditions) in pregnant women. The Partnership for Maternal Safety published seven articles in one of the leading obstetrics journals, The Green Journal, which is the official journal of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. One pesky detail missing from those articles is full disclosure of the significant financial conflicts of interest with 13 drug manufacturers whose disclosure might lead readers to suspect the justification for those radical treatment recommendations by the Partnership for Maternal Safety.

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  • Leading Obstetrics Journal Recommends Increased Drugs for Pregnant Women While Failing to Disclose Big Pharma Sponsors


    I was an ICU head nurse . With my first pregnancy, on my due date. I had an abruptio placenta. I went to the hospital in significant pain, but was turned away twice by the OB nurse who checked me, because I was "not in labor." When I came back to the hospital for the 3rd time in 12 hours, because I was sure something must be wrong, I was told to just sit in the lobby, which I did, until the shift changed. After the shift change, I was checked by an MD who was on the OB floor. After a trip to radiology for pevimetry, which showed nothing, he decided to admit me for observation so they could keep me comfortable until I went into labor. Before even getting into the bed in my room, I went into the bathroom where I filled the toilet with large clots. The MD had come to the room to check me before he left for his office, just as I was coming out of the bathroom. When I told him I had passed large clots, he literally had me lay down in the bed, pushed the bed himself down the hall to L & D, ruptured my membranes (which were full of meconium) and after 12 hours of this fiasco, I found myself on the OR table for an emergency c-section.

    The baby had an apgar of 4.

    After discharge I went to medical records and read my chart. I found that my Hgb had dropped from 14.5 the day before, to 9.5 post op. What would have happened to me and my daughter if I had been anti-coagulated?