• Autism can be Cured - How to use the Chlorine Dioxide Protocol to Recover Broken Lives

    Kerri Rivera has been researching methods to recover lives of people with autism and related conditions since 2006. She completed DAN based training for the biomedical treatment of autism in 2009 (DAN refers to “Defeat Autism Now”). She has a degree in homeopathy, and has been trained to provide hyperbaric therapy. She is the developer of the chlorine dioxide protocol, which has been used to recover 557 people from autism and related conditions.

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  • Autism can be Cured - How to use the Chlorine Dioxide Protocol to Recover Broken Lives

    Mr. Thomas....EXCELLENT Article & unbiased Journalism...I've been waiting for you folks to cover this SUPPRESSED CURE-ALL & TRUTH! Here's some more information & PROOF of MMS/CD concept, enjoy All. Peace!

    ...... *HOW TO CURE AUTISM* ......

    Here's a link to AutismONE's 2014 Conference, where they discuss the protocols that are CURING/reversing the tide, of the Autism EPIDEMIC . At the end of this conference, you'll get to listen to an *angel named "Rachael" (#112 CURED of ASD).* Who will melt your HEART as she encourages all the parents not to give up hope and allows us all, another insight into the sickness known as Autism . At the 54:50 mark, you can listen to this darling tell you the TRUTH and remember, IF Western Medicine had it their way.....Rachael would be a CUSTOMER (bottom-line) for life, instead of being Healthy & Healed to Live a FULL LIFE.

    Continue Below for *PARENT TESTIMONIALS who CURED their Children of AUTISM* ...

    Here's a *Mom's Testimony* who used MMS & the Protocol, to CURE her son of Autism. Her son started the Protocol 4 years ago with an ATEC of 104 and today he's at an ATEC of 6. Look for: *CASE STUDY: Kerri and Mom of RECOVERED Child at ATEC 6* https://www.kerririvera.com/full-list-videos

    Here's a *Dad's Testimony* who used MMS & the Protocol to CURE his daughters Autism and still today, he's working to CURE his sons Autism. An Amazing Dad for certain! https://web.archive.org/web/20160529110738/

    Here's another *Mom that's CURING her son* with MMS & the Protocol. His initial ATEC score was 25 and in about 7 months it dropped to an ATEC of 10. His verbal skills greatly improved as well e.g. Jan. 2012 he'd say 8 to 9-3 word sentences in a 3 hour span...Now he's up to 200 3 word sentences within an hours span! https://web.archive.org/web/20160529110733/

    Here's a *Mom's Testimony* (with her son) who used MMS & the Protocol to CURE her son of Autism/Asperger's. Her son started the Protocol when he was 19 and today he's 23. Look for: *CASE STUDY: Autism CURED at 23 Years Old* https://www.kerririvera.com/full-list-videos

    Here's a *Mom's Testimony* who's using MMS & the Protocol to CURE her 14 year old daughter of Autism. Her daughters ATEC score started at a 94 and in about 5 months, it dropped to an ATEC of 55. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x35mlbn

    *13 Year Old Autistic Child goes from Severe Symptoms, to HIGH FUCTIONNING in 6 MONTHS!* (ATEC of 129 to an ATEC of 38!) https://www.kerririvera.com/13-year-old-autistic-c...

    *From an ATEC of 86 to Autism RECOVERY in 22 Months!* (ATEC is now a 8)


    Be sure to check out Kerri Rivera's Website, which lists a bunch of *SUPPRESSED* Interviews/Information by the Mainstream SHILLS.


    *CD Destroys GLYPHOSATE Parts 1 & 2* CD = Chlorine Dioxide is (MMS)-Miracle Mineral Supplement

    *The History of the Kerri Rivera Protocol*

    *Kerri and Dr. Seneff CD Breaks down GLYPHOSATE and CURES AUTISM*

    *Dr. Seneff Interview - BigPHARMA : The TRUTH of MMS* (interviewed by Dr. Alan Keyes)

    *AutismONE's & Kerri Rivera's LATEST Protocol for CURING/HEALING Autism & other Diseases/Imbalances*

    Look for: *Kerri AutismONE 2019 CD Protocol* https://www.kerririvera.com/full-list-videos

    AutismONE 2015 Conference - *MD's/PHD's from around the World discuss Protocols to CURE AUTISM & RESTORE the HEALTH of CHILDREN* http://www.autismone.org/2015conferencevideos

    Kerri RIvera & Dr. Stephenie Seneff -Discuss Autism Treatments


    Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism - Free E -Book by Kerri Rivera


    *More PROOF MMS CURES MANY other Diseases like CANCER, Malaria, AIDS, Hept C, Lyme, Chrohn's, etc.*

    MMS will end up costing Western Medicine, BigPharma, US Govt. BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of $!!

    *MMS Testimonials* https://www.bitchute.com/mmstestimonials/

    *Uganda Red Cross CURES 100% of Malaria* patients inside of 4 HOURS. Malaria Drugs typically take WEEKS to kill all the parasites and carries a 2-5% MORTALITY rate, depending upon BigPharma Manufacture.

    Hence, It's US against THEM (the Remorseless Psychopaths, Fraudulent Scientists & *SKEPTIC Paid SHILLS* )

    Either, you're with the PEOPLE or the Psychopaths in Washington (& their buddies; e.g. Saddam, VICP, Osama, CDC, Noriega, FDA, the Shah, EPA, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), HHS, DOJ, Trilateral Commission, NIH, AMA, Likud Coalition, Stalin, Wahhabi Saudi Govt./Zionist Israeli Govt. = Sabbatain-Frankest-Satanists, BigPharma-Agra-BioChem, FCC, Bohemian Pedo-Grover's, Hitler, Club of Rome, CIA, Pedo-Bilderberger's, FBI, Kissinger, FED, Wolfowitz, Pedo-Skull&Boner's, Project for the New American Century, Escobar, NSA, Italian Mafia, The Foreign Policy Alternative, MIC, Institute for the Study of War, Kagan(s), Office of Naval Intelligence, etc.). It's real simple Folks.