• Philadelphia City Councilman Endures Threats To Expose Corruption in CPS and Child Sexual Abuse

    Earlier this month (May, 2019), Philadelphia City Councilman David Oh presented testimony before the Philadelphia City Council regarding abuses in the state-run child protection services (DHS - Department of Human Services), and how they we continually breaking state law, while not admitting to any wrong-doing. In fact, the councilman claimed that DHS "routinely and intentionally" violates state law. He claims to be representing over 50 "not-at-fault" mothers who all have solid evidence of wrongdoing, and have approached other elected officials many times over the course of years, with no results. He states that they were: "...never accused of doing anything wrong. They were never accused of being abusive or negligent. It was determined by DHS that the allegations were unfounded. Yet, they have been denied their children for years. Their children are being placed in multiple foster care situations where they are abused, they have run away, they're depressed, they're medicated, they're sexually violated. And it continues." During his testimony, Councilman David Oh states that "In the course of pursuing this....." And he then pauses for about 5 seconds, very obviously carefully considering just what exactly he wants to say next: "There have been threats made, threats intimated, that there will be retaliation, that there will be political consequences - all types of threats. And I wonder why? Why is that, when all we are doing is our duty to provide an oversight to an administrative agency that is responsible for protecting children. Why the threat, why the problems?"

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  • Philadelphia City Councilman Endures Threats To Expose Corruption in CPS and Child Sexual Abuse

    I’m so sorry the system failed you so miserably. May God bless you and enable you to live your life to the fullest. Perhaps you could become a spokesperson for child abuse victims.

    This is all totally uncalled for. Somebody has to do something.

    God help this man who cares enough to endure threats to try to get these People exposed and get these children and mothers reunited. protect him from those who fear exposure. And help him expose them

    Elected officials are supposed to make the lives of people easier and safer, not add burdens that destroy those lives.

    There are people behind this that are benefitting in different ways. Some like the power that they have and abuse that power and use it to control lives and some are profiting from these children by putting them in homes that use foster care as a front child sex rings. Both are sick!

    Please clean up the corruption in our country. Evil tries to reign. Through our faith and strength in God, we cannot allow that to happen.

  • Philadelphia City Councilman Endures Threats To Expose Corruption in CPS and Child Sexual Abuse

    I grew up in NY, and CPS here knew I was being abused as a child, and TWO counselors recommended I be returned to my abuser (mother) after a hospital stay for suspected child abuse, and, despite promising to following me, they did nothing, resulting in another hospital stay three years later for suspected child abuse, only this time it resulted in me being disabled for life.

    Our Child Protection Services in this, the wealthiest country in the world, is atrocious. If we can't even do this one task, why would we have confidence in any other area of the government?