• How can We Protect Ourselves from 5-G and Nanotechnology?

    A conservative 2017 calculation by business research analysists indicate that the nanotechnology market will be a 90.5 billion dollar market by 2021. Another report anticipates nanotechnology growth will reach 173 billion dollars by 2025. Simply put, 5-G is the power source that will enable the nanotechnology that is in our bodies to perform specific tasks. Nano materials have been programmed to assemble and build, but when 5-G is fully enabled and when even higher terahertz frequencies are widely used, then nanotechnology will be able to stimulate neurological activity and emotions, it will also be able to transmit data and receive instructions from 5-G equipment that will be located every hundred feet or so. Those who are envisioning the “smart cities” of the future plan to integrate all our electronic devices and all forms of transportation into a worldwide network controlled through the power of 5-G. Of course, they will not stop there – but will extend the reach of their artificial intelligence (AI) network to human lives. They will seek to turn us all into “smart people.” They will use 5-G to activate and provide energy for the nanotechnology that is in our bodies and brains. They will use this system to control our movements, manage our thoughts, and influence our feelings, with the hope that we will all become “smart people.” The day is coming soon – very soon – when each of us will need to decide whether we are going to be one of the “smart people” who submit to the authority of the “smart city,” or be one of those who reject the “smart” plan and live with a free mind and heart.

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  • How can We Protect Ourselves from 5-G and Nanotechnology?

    Well if that isn’t just down right frightening. It literally feels impossible to do anything about this. Yes he gives advice on what to do but it leaves me more confused. Iv taken Carbon 60 internally In olive oil and it’s suppose to lengthen the telemeres and prevent dna damage now Im told the opposite. Ugh. I also drink a 5 electron water which changes the hydrogen bond angle . now this too may be more of a hinderance than a help

  • How can We Protect Ourselves from 5-G and Nanotechnology?

    I find this shocking. I appreciate the information. I am unsure what to think or what to do. I live in the country and only have satellite internet--perhaps we will be spared somewhat?

    I read the Jane Hawk series by Dean Koontz, whose whole book series is based on nanotechnology mind control. It is hard to separate fact from fiction. But it is wise to be aware and consider these less-publicized ideas. God help us all!

  • How can We Protect Ourselves from 5-G and Nanotechnology?

    This has been really helpful, thank you guys so much

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  • How can We Protect Ourselves from 5-G and Nanotechnology?

    The first thing we must burnish into our brain is that there is NO way to live with 5G for two major reasons:
    • Even if you were able to protect yourself (that's not really possible) that guy passing out while driving his car towards you won't be stopped by your shungite.
    • All insects, including the pollinating bees and butterflies, are already endangered. What kind of protective clothing should they wear?

    Of course, every other animal will also be seriously sickened and made sterile, including birds and livestock.

    I have a different perspective on protecting ourselves from EMF's. The stickers and shungite don't eliminate the EMF's, but they do alter it, so that it doesn't harm us, by removing the positive charge associated with the EMF. So they are effective!

    So yes we should protect ourselves in every way we can to buy ourselves time while we are being assualted.

    But 5G must be stopped. 4G is not our friend either as our bees and butterflies started disappearing before 5G arrived. Average US lifespans have also declined for the last three years, and now going on a fourth straight year. 4G's effects are cumulative, so it's not surprising that it took a few years before people have really gotten sick.

    As we have seen by the recent historic flooding and huge number of tornadoes even in places that don't normally see them. 5G in particular is affecting our weather by adding a huge amount of ions and EMFs into the air. Severe weather is a product of clashing ions, and 5G is adding to that mix as is 4G to some extent. We have reached a tipping point, so you will continue to see dangerous weather from now on - until 5G is stopped.