• Vaccine Rights Attorney Sent Back to Jail a Third Time for Refusing to Breach Attorney-Client Privilege

    After a hearing at Wake County Courthouse on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, Attorney Alan Phillips was was ordered back to jail for a third time, and his license was suspended for at least until his next hearing on June 24, 2019. The judge can do this up to a cumulative year in jail. So this harassment of Attorney Phillips could continue for a long time. Alan has been already been jailed on Thursday, May 9, 2019, and on and Monday, April 29, 2019, for 48 hours each, for “contempt of court” after he refused to breach attorney client privilege. The North Carolina State Bar is demanding that Phillips turn over years of privileged client files in a retaliatory fishing expedition lawsuit, after he filed a complaint against the bar for alleged misconduct; the Bar internally dismissed Phillips’ complaint and a subsequent follow-up complaint. Incidentally, OAMF filed a complaint that was also internally dismissed. Alan has done nothing illegal, the NC State Bar has not provided the court any evidence of wrongdoing on Alan’s part, and this entire lawsuit is a fishing expedition to try and discover some wrongdoing on Alan’s part in an effort to silence him and/or retaliate against him for filing a complaint against the Bar. Alan Phillips, J.D. is a nationally recognized expert and presenter on vaccine policy and law, and is the nation’s only attorney whose practice is focused solely on vaccine exemptions and legislative activism.

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  • Vaccine Rights Attorney Sent Back to Jail a Third Time for Refusing to Breach Attorney-Client Privilege

    Thank you Health Impact News and Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom for actively covering this! Where are all the other State Group's voices and other large alternative media outlets on this very important event. The man is taking the hit for all of us and I do mean ALL.

    Alan Phillips has been defending vaccine rights for years. The fact that he is willing to be jailed to protect his clients (who btw include many parents and health care professionals) shows his admiral character and ethics.

    The fact that he was willing to file complaint against the NC State Bar for illegal conduct and deleloped Bar Watch as result of that misconduct (with support from other attorneys and law firms), speaks volumes to his strength and commitment to his trade and truth!!

    I believe suspending his license temporarily was part of their plan to keep him from practicing law. They knew they couldn't prosecute him for wrong doing to remove his license altogether so this is their alternate route.

    The man is brilliant when it comes to vaccine law, both Federal and State and a threat to State Control and Vaccine Mandates ... their ultimate agenda. THAT is the real reason they are trying to discredit his life's work and character.

    He WILL win this, truth always prevails.They aren't banking on him going the distance. Lets hope they don't kill him like they have previous professional whistleblowers, in this and other states. More eyes are needed on this issue ... NOW!

  • Vaccine Rights Attorney Sent Back to Jail a Third Time for Refusing to Breach Attorney-Client Privilege

    This judge is a prick and is using his judicial power to flaunt is willful breaking of the law. He should taken out and horse whipped.