• Study: 98% of FDA Laws Are Unconstitutional

    Angela C. Erickson and Thomas Berry of the Pacific Legal Foundation have just published a new report examining illegally issued regulations at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Their study found that: "Unconstitutional rulemaking procedures are rife at HHS, especially at the FDA." They analyzed who were the people making these rules at HHS in what they claim is the largest study ever done on this subject. "[This] has never been studied before: a large expansion of rulemakers who are not democratically accountable. These unaccountable rulemakers are not constitutionally authorized to issue final rules that have the force of law. But, as this study shows, that hasn’t stopped them."

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  • Study: 98% of FDA Laws Are Unconstitutional

    The Constitution was suspended when FDR was inaugurated under the emergency clause of the Constitution.

    Every year the President renews a number of emergency declarations,

    At the same time of FDR"s emergency declarations, Congress gave its power to the Presidency.

    In effect, every President since is a Dictator with congressional approval.

    Additionally, If the Constitution is even partially in effect, it would only be for the protection of citizens of one of the several states. The Birth Certificate is evidence your mother abandoned you, and you are a ward of the U. S. Corporation, and are not a party to the Constitution.

    This is also why the governments Child Protective Services can take your children. Legally, the child is the property of Government. The Government has every legal right to take back its property it it thinks it is being mishandled.

    The people are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge..

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