• Pharmacist Mom and Medical Doctor Father Watched Their 3 Children's Lives Destroyed After MMR Vaccine

    In this video interview by the VAXXED II film crew and originally published on Peeps TV, a tearful mother who is a pharmacist and married to a medical doctor discusses the difficulties in their family with their three vaccine-injured children. When asked if either her or her husband received any training on the dangers of vaccines, she replied, "No. None. Not even as a pharmacist." They first noticed problems with their oldest child, a girl, at 15 months. She went from being very communicative where they could understand most of what she said, to being not as communicative and not being able to understand any longer what she was trying to speak. They did not connect this to any vaccines at this point, and started her on speech therapy and had many tests done. When the twin boys were born, they again followed the recommended CDC vaccine schedule. But this time, they noticed an immediate reaction after the MMR vaccine. "I noticed that they were crying and had a high fever." However, after taking them into urgent care, they were told it was probably just the flu, and they were sent home. Unfortunately, their conditions did not improve, and the mom noticed that they became unresponsive to normal noise stimulation. Testing revealed that one of the twins lost his hearing completely, while the other one had lost partial hearing. While the twin who completely lost his hearing eventually did get his hearing back, the other twin did not. The damage by the MMR vaccine was already done, and their lives were changed forever as they began a long journey of trying to heal and care for their vaccine-injured children. Now adults, their children still need 24-hour care.

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  • Pharmacist Mom and Medical Doctor Father Watched Their 3 Children's Lives Destroyed After MMR Vaccine

    I have a granddaughter who was healthy and very outgoing. The day she left for the pediatrician's office to receive her scheduled vaccinations, she was healthy and in great spirits. When she returned, she already had a fever and was whining and crying. When I picked her up I saw that she was trembling - litterally shaking! When I told her mother and father (my son), I asked them angerly, "What the hell did they do to her?" My son asked his wife, a pharmacist, how many shots did they give her? She called the pediatrician's office and found out my granddaughter was given a total of 7 vaccinations during that one office visit. A couple were given because they were due in another month and this would have saved my daughter-in-law from traveling for another visit.

    We had a little discussion where I pointed out that a chemical or element can be considered "safe" by itself - alone and on its own, as can a second chemical or element. But when they are combined they can become a compound that is harmful. Add to this mix a concoction of other chemicals, heavy metals, etc., and now you have a toxic soup. My daughter-in-law agreed that this can and does happen. Then I suggested that "if" an individual vaccine was considered safe when it was tested without being combined with others, and another one or two vaccines were also considered "safe" when they were "safety tested," why weren't these combined vaccines ever tested for safety? The FDA took the word of the pharmaceutical companies making the vaccines that they were safe, but did anyone ever think to ask if the combined vaccines were safe? The reason behind the combinations was to manufacture and market them cheaper - and also by using the word "convenience" to push them.

    My granddaughter had speech therapy for a while, but nothing was going to change the way she pronounced words. That would have to come with age. She is a very happy little girl who gets along great with other children. But... she gets sick constantly, no matter what season it is. If it's not a cough or sneeze, it's an ear infection, sinus infection or bronchial infection. The pediatrician says it's the flu, an ear infection, etc., but never seemed to question WHY this girl is constantly getting sick! Even her two little sisters are getting sick frequently. And each time they do, is it just coincidence that it's always within 4 to 6 weeks after getting a shot(s)? When I stop by to visit, I asked the girls, "Okay, who's sick this time?" One of the three usually is.

    This is NOT the way kids should have to grow up in modern times. If all these shots are supposed to keep kids healthy, why are the vast majority of them unhealthy? I and my siblings had all received the measles vaccinations when we were young... and we all got the measles. We all were "protected" against chicken pox and every one of us got chicken pox. One of my older sisters only had a mild case when young and got it again as an adult. I believe we all also had the mumps - even though we were all vaccinated against that as well. Guess what I was told when I brought that up... that "back then" vaccines weren't as strong as they are today. And some were still in the "experimental stage." Huh?

    When I'd read the side effects and "possible side effects" of the vaccines (as well as other medications), the lists are scary! Every symptom of the disease the vaccination is supposed to protect against is one of the side effects of the vaccine. With the flu shots the side effects are grouped together using the term "flu-like symptoms". What a way to side-step and brush aside scrutiny!

    As for the charts Dr. Humphrey presented showing the declines in diseases happening BEFORE vaccinations, they reminded me of a chart I saw regarding polio. It showed the decline of polio starting when people became more aware of personal hygiene, cleanliness, and ate healthier. And the disease was almost non-existent when the vaccine first came out. So it was not the vaccine that eradicated polio, but eating healthier, having cleaner water and keeping oneself clean. Even with the measles outbreak in Africa, the health officials admit that most (nearly all) of the patients are malnourished and that is the biggest reason they can fight off the disease. Now that one little sentence will be buried and will not be seen in any push to increase vaccination rates. But with the increased rates, watch and you'll see an increase in other disorders.

    I feel so terrible for that mom and dad who had to go through such traumatic experiences with their children. They were denied the joy of a having a happy, healthy family life. My most sincerest sympathy and prayers to you and your family, and to all the other families going through the same horror.