• Senator-Doctor Richard Pan Wants California to be First State to Refuse Medical Exemptions by Doctors for Vaccines

    In 2015, despite widespread opposition from the public which included testimonies from doctors and attorneys opposing SB 277 to remove the religious exemptions to vaccines, California became the first State in the U.S. to remove religious and philosophical exemptions by parents to childhood vaccines. Every other state legislature that tried to do the same, both then and through the present time, failed. The majority of the American public is clearly OPPOSED to mandatory vaccinations, even among those who choose vaccines for their own children. Since the passage of SB 277 in California in 2015, the only way to opt out of childhood vaccines is to get a medical exemption from a licensed doctor. California started going after doctors who write medical exemptions trying to restrict their freedom to practice medicine in a matter best suited for the individual needs of their patients. The Internationally well-known pediatrician Bob Sears, who himself is NOT anti-vaccine but does delay or forgo some vaccines dependent upon the medical needs of his patients, was the first doctor they attacked, threatening to revoke his medical license. California medical doctor Ron Kennedy, who has been in medicine for almost 50 years, observed how many California medical doctors feared the loss of their medical license for writing vaccine medical exemptions, and filed a lawsuit against the California State Medical Board. Dr. Kennedy allegedly states in his lawsuit that the California Medical Board goes from school to school demanding medical records of children, without any permission from the parents, in an effort to find medical doctors writing medical exemptions for vaccines. Now, Dr. Richard Pan, who is a State Senator in California and authored SB 277 to remove the religious exemptions for childhood vaccines in California in 2015, has introduced Bill SB 276, which would take away the right of California medical doctors to write medical exemptions for vaccines, unless they get government permission.

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  • Senator-Doctor Richard Pan Wants California to be First State to Refuse Medical Exemptions by Doctors for Vaccines

    Senetor Pan, I am so saddened and distressed by this invasion of our basic freedoms. Our children are our most precious treasures and in our care should feel safe and be healthy.

    No one would make their child who has is allergic to peanuts eat peanuts just because everyone one else in the class is eating peanuts. You protect that child from the harm it can cause. Vaccines are not one size fits all. Many of us have bad reactions to these injections.

    How do you plan to enforce this law? Have police kick down the doors to every home with an unvaccinated child, abduct and vaccinate them? Chip every child with their health records and then have the Autistic trained to stand st every playground, school, mall, doctors office and “Scan” them into a central data base? This is insane. Please, we want our liberty to choose what is best for the health of our children.

    And please, refrain from the bullying and threatening posts to unvaccinated parents. They are not comparable to drunk drivers. This is inflammatory and provokes radical and racist behavior towards innocent families and children. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    And one last question. Will you show us your Adult Vaccination Record? Have you had your Adult HPV yet? There are over 25 adult vaccinations, and if you are missing one, you are not in compliance with the “Recommended Adult Vaccine Schedule”

  • Senator-Doctor Richard Pan Wants California to be First State to Refuse Medical Exemptions by Doctors for Vaccines

    This man is a disgusting and immoral human being. In 1986 Ronald Regan signed a bill indemnifying pharmasutical companies for any liability for vaccines. That means they don't have to pay a dime towards any injury, they don't have to show up to any hearing, and don't have to be notified. They also do all their own studdies of the safety of their vaccines. Why would our government do this?? The pharmasutical companies were being sued by so many injured patients, they said the wouldn't produce them anymore (wow!!). There were approximately 18 and now 72 and growing!! Kids are given 32 before the age of 3, straight into their blood. 80% of a kids brain is formed in the 1st 3 years. Now Pan has legislated mandatory vactionations into a generation of kids with pharmasutical companies with zero liabilities. This isn't about health! This is about money!! All of the sheeple who think this is about health, wake up!!!!