• Report: Diapers and Menstrual Pads Laced with Toxic Chemicals

    A new report highlighted by Environmental Health News demonstrates that most diapers and menstrual pads contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phthalates, endangering millions of babies and seniors who may be absorbing these chemicals through the genitalia. Congress and the FDA must take action to protect these populations. The study came about as a result of an investigation and class action lawsuit in South Korea after thousands of women claimed that new sanitary pads were causing menstrual problems and irregularities. The scientists tested a handful of diaper and menstrual pad brands for the presence of VOCs and phthalates, though they don’t name the brands. The study’s authors concluded, “The physical location of the exposure site, the high absorption rate of the genitalia for chemicals, and the long-term exposure period demand a thorough investigation on the potential impact of the exposure to VOCs and phthalates.” All four brands of diapers and all eleven brands of menstrual pads tested positive for at least two phthalates. Two brands of menstrual pads contained VOCs, along with all four diaper brands.

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  • Report: Diapers and Menstrual Pads Laced with Toxic Chemicals

    This is just coming out now?? So far as diapers go -

    When my daughter was little and the diaper service contract ran out, I used disposables. No matter which brand, she kept a minor rash going. Some were worse than others.

    Pampers sent me to the emergency room. Within a few short hours (and I was a CONSTANT butt-changer) my daughter developed such a bad rash I thought she was burned.

    She was. First, second AND third degree burns. In hours. And she had a yeast infection on top of that. The poor thing was miserable - and I was both miserable and guilty beyond belief. Emergency room staff told me that this was COMMON. And they told me that the people making those diapers had to wear protective gear to work with the materials to put them together.

    I was IMMEDIATELY washing two to three loads of cloth diapers every day. And telling every new and prospective mother I ran into (whether I knew them or not!) about this - as it was literally every brand on the market!

    In addition, later in life she began having issues with hormonal imbalances and menstrual problems. I never had any of that until menopause, but she was exposed to the diapers as well as later on to the pads.

    My daughter is now 32 years old folks. That is a long freakin time for what was "common" knowledge to be let out to the public in the mainstream!!

    My personal claim to fame on this issue was cervical cancer in my 20's. Doctors are still telling us that we are engaging too much with too many partners. The problem they had with me was that I only had one partner, and it was a long-term relationship so the theory didn't hold (and my doctor was smart enough and knew me well enough he wasn't about to belabor THAT point!).

    In fact, most of the women I know who are near my age either had cervical cancer or a pre-cancerous condition of the cervix in their mid-20's also! I had never made the connection before tonight so I don't know what science is out there, but it sure seems now like there could be a connection there as well.... its surely a tighter argument than too much bed-hopping.....

  • Report: Diapers and Menstrual Pads Laced with Toxic Chemicals

    1. We of all female should have the right to know the brand of female monthly pads.That has these chemicals that's so bad. This could be why a lot of women have cancer today in today's time. I have a granddaughter That's 19 old tlot s side effects.just think it goes all the way back when she was in diapers also have granddaughter 11 she trouble with her monthly, They to be sued.this is reason what wrong with female