• Medical Doctor to Maine Legislators: Diseases Persist Due to Vaccine Failure - Not Unvaccinated

    My name is Dr. Meryl Nass. I am here today to oppose LD798 and support LD987. I am a physician in Ellsworth, Maine. I graduated from MIT and the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. In 2010, I was the chair of a commission established by you, the legislature, “to protect the lives and health of members of the Maine National Guard.” I have testified to 6 Congressional committees, primarily on anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome, and the permanent injuries suffered by service-members who received military vaccines of questionable quality. There is no crisis of infectious diseases caused by lack of vaccinations, here in Maine or in the rest of the United States. The rates of vaccine preventable diseases are approximately the same as always. I have attached the official statistics, so please check me on this! According to the CDC, effective vaccine exemption rates in Maine are not higher than they have been, and they are consistently better than the US average. The truth, not widely known, is that immunocompromised children are not catching diseases from their unvaccinated classmates, and they are not dying. Look at the numbers. The diseases that persist and have been in the news remain a challenge, simply because the vaccines have a high failure rate–not because of the unvaccinated.

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  • Medical Doctor to Maine Legislators: Diseases Persist Due to Vaccine Failure - Not Unvaccinated

    My sister was born in Dec of 1948. She was born normal and at 10 months of age, after her DPT shot was not the same. In those day Doctors told parents to put their kids away in an institution. At 19 she was placed in an institution , and her life was ridden with every known drug they had. She had 3 overdoses in the institution ,where she almost died. She could not put a sentence together when we brought her to my house after my parents deaths.

    I changed her diet, and began my research, which was sickening and astounding. We she lived with us for 15 years, and I refused any vaccinations the state wanted to give to her. I became the sister that refused her these wonderful(stinking shots). She over the course of these years began to talk, full sentences and laughed. Granted we had our good days and every thing in between. My sister has passed ,three years ago.

    But my research went on ,because now my son had joined the military. He never had shots as I opted out of them, when he was a baby. He would be deathly sick before deploying for at least 2 weeks. Made me as a Mom sick!

    He is out of the military due to an injury, and now has health problems with his immune system. I continued my research. The military are given so many shots as well, and they wonder why the committee suicide on a daily basis.

    All these vaccines have side effects. The viruses lie dormant and any thing like food , can trigger them up and they rear their ugly head. It's a vicious cycle. And doctors prescribe more drugs.

    Now with the Evil laws , Babies can be killed at anytime

    The elderly and the retarded , mentally ill are next

    The military is sickening as well.

    The big Pharma is a total money . My research , no one wants to believe , but I have seen it first hand.

    Thanks for speaking out, I am totally behind the decision that it lies with the parents, and not the government or big pharm companies

    God help us!

    Thank you


  • Medical Doctor to Maine Legislators: Diseases Persist Due to Vaccine Failure - Not Unvaccinated

    I would argue that vaccines aren't failing because their engineered (not advertised) purpose is not stopping disease. Their true purpose is to affect fertility and cognition.