• German New Medicine Challenges the Germ Theory of Disease and Medical Tyranny that Destroys Lives

    Part one of Health Impact News' article on German New Medicine (GNM) included an introduction to this unique natural healing methodology created by late Dr. Ryke Geer Hamer and the persecution he faced from the medical establishment. Although most of Dr. Hamer's research initially involved only cancer patients, he came upon a radical concept of microbial influences with diseases in general. In this second article, we will look at the unusual position that Dr. Hamer's GNM has with microbes, and how it differs from the "germ theory" of disease as originally espoused by Louis Pasteur, which is the main theory behind western pharmaceutical medicine. The germ theory of disease has been used to justify medical tyranny, the destruction of families through medical kidnapping, and the loss of innocent lives through pharmaceutical products.

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  • German New Medicine Challenges the Germ Theory of Disease and Medical Tyranny that Destroys Lives


    German New Medicine is 100% valid. It explains absolutely everything. The obvious flaw (well one of many) in germ theory is that doctors spend their lives surrounded by sick people (and have done so for thousands of years) and yet remain healthy. This proves that disease *cannot* be transmitted. At the same time, there are still cases where multiple people come down with the same symptoms (which can't just be a coincidence).

    So diseases can be shared but it cannot spread. And German New Medicine explains why. If multiple people suffer the same trauma then in the healing phase they will come down with the same symptoms. If siblings all are separated from their mother then they will all suffer chicken pox or measles (or whatever variation of epidermis rash doctors call it (all epidermis rashes are in fact interchangeable)).

    And this is actually easy to understand because skin rashes are typically focused on just a few parts of the body. If the rash was caused by a virus (which spreads through the bloodstream) then all rashes would be evenly distributed around the body. But they are not. The focused nature of rashes tells us that rashes must be caused by the mind.

    This is also why chicken pox parties "work". If a child is forced to spend time feeling "stuck" to someone with revolting looking spots on their body then they too can (they probably won't, but they can) feel a trauma of separation too. So after the "party" they will get chicken pox. But the disease has not spread and they have no immunity because there is no such thing as immunity to disease.

    And if people still don't believe that German New Medicine is correct then they should all look up what it means to "play possum". Find out what the opossum does and what physiological changes occur to it due to their sub-conscious mind working.