• Child Abuse Pediatrician Testimony Rips a South Carolina Family Apart

    One doctor says that the ONLY way a child's injuries could happen is by "brute force." Other doctors can look at the same data and say that that the injuries could have been caused by an accident, metabolic disorder, nutritional deficiency, infection, or other non-abusive mechanism. When these two perspectives collide, then justice demands that we examine other evidence. Is there a history of violence? Is there other evidence of abuse? Has anyone witnessed abuse? What about the perspective of those who know the accused - is abuse consistent with the character of the person who is accused? All too often, parents lose their children to Child Protective Services, often permanently, and others have gone to prison based on the testimony of one particular kind of doctor - a Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP) - even though there is no other evidence that the parents have abused their child. Robbie and Jennifer Ray of South Carolina are facing just such a scenario. Dr. Susan Lamb, CAP at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital, says that the only possible explanation for the couple's twins' injuries is child abuse, even though other doctors and their families disagree. Jennifer Ray told Health Impact News: "If there is no evidence to prove physical abuse, then you need to second guess the diagnosis [made by the child abuse doctor]."

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  • Child Abuse Pediatrician Testimony Rips a South Carolina Family Apart

    Dr Mark Hudson , child abuse specialist ( quack ) at the children's hospital in Minneapolis misdiagnosed my great granddaughters with abuse when it was a disease they were born with ! Charged father will 1sdegeer 3 nd degree felony child abuse . Jury took 20 minutes to find him not guilty . Jury saw through the BS ! That was 2013 , children not home yet ! They wanted to tpr but allowed them to transfer custody to the fathers parents . And stipulated they had to wait 5 years from date of custody transfer . 1 more year to go . Baby was 3 weeks old and the other was 14 months old when taken . Baby is 5 and oldest one will be 7 in July ! The bond was broken ! They have destroyed the whole family !

  • Child Abuse Pediatrician Testimony Rips a South Carolina Family Apart

    Ms Lamb should have her license revoked. She is giving her profession a bad name. Why is her word and those of CAP taken above other other healthcare professionals and the family. They are obviously being rewarded handsomely for the destruction they are causing or why else would they bother? Why is other testimony considered or evidence not brought in to court?

    CAP is a criminal organization, a wolf in sheeps' clothing. They ARE working for the State, which is corrupt to the core. They are profiting from destroying families for profit. Vermont has the most children in foster care. Foster care is a cash cow for the State. Why else would they ignore more credible voices, like other healthcare professionals and family members?

    Those involved in putting children in foster care and malign families don't care who gets hurt. Unfortunately, the public is extremely naive and ill-informed about all of this. All you have to do is witness the damaging results of the deeds done by supposed doctors, nurses, and family court, who work on behalf of Child Protective Services, DSS or DCF, those who .had a hand in separating family members. I have a friend who has gone through this. It's bad enough that they take these children away, but once the damage has been done, DSS or DCF never follow up to see how the family is doing psychologically. These are traumatic experiences for children and there families; do those who disrupt the lives of these souls not care about the harm they inflict by their violent intrusion into these peoples lives?

    I must also say that they should consider vaccine injuries as another culprit, as there is a connection to shaken baby syndrome and those extremely toxic substances, among other things.