• American Diabetes Association's New Recommendations Would Keep Diabetics on Drugs Instead of Curing Diabetes Through Diet

    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) just put out a position paper on treating diabetes. It’s focus on treatment and prevention, especially for the increasing incidents of diabetes 2 among youth, demonstrates the willful ignorance of institutions that create medical standards for the medical profession. What is ignored is the potential for treating obesity and diabetes 2 with the high-fat low-carb ketogenic diet, which has proven effective for all the factors leading to diabetes and diabetes 2 itself, even improving the overall health of those afflicted with diabetes 1, the less frequent form of diabetes that requires insulin injections.

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  • American Diabetes Association's New Recommendations Would Keep Diabetics on Drugs Instead of Curing Diabetes Through Diet

    If I had not been doing Ketogenic Dieting for 5 months and lost 35lb's and feeling more alive, energetic and able to focus at 70 than I did at 45 and had a close personal friend (Got me started on the diet) that lost 63lb's after 8 months on his Ketogenic Diet with similarly elevated energy levels etc. I wouldn't be writing this feedback/review at all.

    You can't blame the people reviewing articles like this who are more than apparently conventional medical doctors or minions of big pharma. If they haven't reviewed this one yet, they will; count on it.

    The big pharma guys have been brainwashed to brainwash the conventional medicine practitioners they sell to, to believe there is a magic pill or elixir from big pharma for all health issues.

    Rinse and Repeat a million times over. The million times over part is because there is money involved and a LOT of it.

    You'll be able to recognize the med/docs and big pharma minions by them referring to or using terms like "Alternative Medicine", as if as if it was a 4 Letter Word.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they are bad people; just highly misinformed by people with highly monetized incentives.

    They will be around to voice the opinions here that they have been inculcated with, and probably a lot of them 😷

  • American Diabetes Association's New Recommendations Would Keep Diabetics on Drugs Instead of Curing Diabetes Through Diet

    When I was diagnosed with Type 2 DM 16 years ago, I stopped eating all plant food; zero carbohydrate, and my fasting glucose normalized in less than two weeks. The results for anyone would be the same, which is obvious; as the information in this article articulates perfectly... so what is the REAL problem?

    The medical "industry" has become a disease/death industry and anyone who fails to notice and take responsibility for their own health is not simply at risk but in mortal peril. While understanding there are millions of medical professionals who are ethical and want to do their best to help/heal their patients they have not been provided with the tools to enhance the body's ability to heal itself. Essentially they have been given only drugs and surgery; slash and burn is all they know. Most medical doctors seem very well convinced they know what they are doing when clearly they do not or do not want to know.

    The breathtaking greed of Big Pharma [along with many, but not all, medical professionals] and its influence upon medical school curriculum; while controlling virtually the entire industry and influencing congressional legislation along with all 'official medical' entities, has utterly perverted health care. The Rockefeller clan created 'patent medicine' and Big Pharma while expanding into the AMA and ultimately the medical death industry we are confronted with today.

    If you research the Rockefellers before WW2, you will learn they are eugenicists [eugenics has been 're-branded' as "bio-ethics" to hide its real meaning and goals]. They created a eugenics foundation to "prove" they were genetically superior to the rest of humanity. They loved Hitler, tutored him in the conception of a "master race" and built another eugenics institute at the university of Berlin. So we are faced with something so profoundly evil, the mind recoils.... even though the facts lay before us quite plainly.There are tens of thousands of incredibly dedicated and determined eugenicists with the financial and political power to act upon their 'beliefs'.

    Big Pharma has a 'business model' which is to create increasingly expensive drugs to mitigate "symptoms"; hide or suppress them, while never healing the underlying causes of illness; which are inevitably the result of significant nutritional deficiencies, increasing toxic load and genetic vulnerability. We were not designed, or did not evolve, to be "sick" creatures. The Globalists are secretive but not shy as they have written and spoken at great length regarding their belief they are superior to the rest of humanity and it is their "responsibility" to de-populate the earth of "useless eaters". They know the general public will never access this information and of course they are correct; people in general are unaware there is a very specific agenda in place and underway to achieve Globalist goals. Our "blind" medical industry, as this article accurately describes, is the primary intention of medical school indoctrination of medical professionals. It is as important to propagandize the physicians as it is the public. Although, in my experience, about mid-career many; if not most, medical doctors begin to perceive the cognitive dissonance between what they were taught and what they can see with their own eyes.

    There are essentially two methods for de-populating the planet; "hard kill", which is endless genocidal 'wars' on multiple fronts, and "soft kill", which is deliberately creating and/or not actually treating 'disease' which leads to early death coupled with various forms of indirect sterilization [GMO, "vaccines" used as 'delivery systems']. You need not take my word for any of these things because all of this, and much more, is very well documented. The Global Central Banking system; the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers being the two most powerful families on earth, are behind virtually all of the economic/medical/cultural/socially engineered problems we are confronted with today. In the 1940s you had 1 chance in 16 of developing cancer. In the 1970s, the odds were 1 in ten. Today, the odds are 1 in 3. What's wrong with this picture? Globalist's number one 'soft kill' method is cancer...along with whatever other 'diseases' or pandemics they can create; such as Lyme disease, HIV and Ebola within the hundreds of bio-weapons labs they control.

    While the 'medical problem' is laid out well in this article, this problem did not evolve naturally; it was designed. Things do not 'just happen', they are made to happen. Unless or until we understand the "why" of what is happening, there is no possibility of addressing any solution. We have the hapless and heavily propagandized patient/public at the bottom, the greedy and/or unaware professionals in the middle and at the top of the economic/political "food chain" a group of psychopaths with sufficient money and power to destroy humanity altogether because they have mistaken themselves for gods. Humanity had best recover it's apparently, and perhaps fatally, subdued survival instinct.