• Has the U.S. Become a Medical Police State? How Doctors Deny Due Process to Kidnap Children Through CPS

    At what point will law enforcement and the courts stop letting Child Abuse Pediatricians, who have held themselves up as the ultimate authority regarding child abuse, continue condemning parents and stealing children by denying due process and preventing true investigations from happening when child abuse is suspected? When will pediatricians start doing the real work of doctors in searching for answers to health problems that could cause brittle bones and other illnesses? Should not every other medical option be explored first, to explain symptoms that are now, primarily, only being used to accuse parents of child abuse? Should doctors really be used as expert witnesses in cases of child abuse simply on the basis of medical evidence, or should professional investigators from law enforcement trained in forensic evidence be utilized to investigate child abuse accusations, upholding the accused person's Constitutional rights to due process of the law, just like any other suspected criminal?

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  • Has the U.S. Become a Medical Police State? How Doctors Deny Due Process to Kidnap Children Through CPS

    On July 12, 2018 At approx 3:16am 🤰🏻 I gave Birth to My Newborn Son 👶🏻 #KyleJohn Heesch★Cons 💋 Healthy babyboy💙 6 lbs 13 oz 18 inches long 💞


    My Newborn was Illegally Detained & UNLAWFULLY Seized on 07.12.2018 WITHOUT A WARRANT while thee HOSPITAL had ME & MY NEWBORN schemed into 'FALSE IMPRISONMENT' while 'THEY' cunningly ran My fiancee out of the building and literally chased after him then tried lying about it as he noticed that they were running after him shortly afterwards he corned in an odd location which then he was surrounded by Thee Security Guards on duty as they played a part in the assistance with This Peculiar 🤔 and SHOCKING 😱 #MedicalKidnap @t * Dignity Health — St. Bernardine Medical Center involving those individuals of County & Government Profession's and all of which whom ENGAGED IN SUCH An ILLEGAL ACT OF CRIME AND DEFINITE MAJOR VIOLATION OF THE MEDICAL STAFF ON THEIR BEHALF MOST DEFINITELY AS MY RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED AND MY PRIVACY WAS DISREGARDED MOST CERTAINLY AS THEIR MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CONTRIBUTED TO MY NEWBORN'S MEDICAL KIDNAP AS THEY COCONSPIRED IN CAHOOTS AMONGST THOSE EMPLOYEES OF The S.B. Hospital, 1 Law Enforcement Officer of the San Bernardino Police Department & 1 Social Worker of San Bernardino County Children's Family Services CPS Social Worker * Medical Kidnap