• The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves

    The Roman Catholic Church is on the verge of an internal civil war. The battleground is between those who would liberalize the traditional definition of immoral sexual behavior for its clergy, and those who want to restore the conservative values of the Catholic faith as it has been known for more than a thousand years. The scandal involving pedophile priests and the cover-up of their crimes against children and young men is bringing the liberal/conservative clash into sharp focus. It is still a crime in the United States for an adult to have sexual encounters with boys and girls. Such crimes are called sexual assault or child molestation. Those who commit such crimes are called pedophiles. There are no exceptions granted by these laws for members of the clergy. By focusing on the pedophile crimes committed by clergy of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) in this article, I am not overlooking the crimes other pedophile groups commit against children -- Those acts are equally immoral and illegal! The focus of this article is on the types of criminal charges levied by the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation against predator priests and the cover-up of those crimes by the Roman Catholic hierarchy of bishops and cardinals. Clearly, Protestant churches also have clergy and staff that who have committed sex crimes, but the focus today is on the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). This is the first of three articles on pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). This article goes much deeper than one on one sex crimes against children. It also looks at the systematic cover-up of those crimes by the Catholic hierarchy. A future article will look at the trafficking of children for use as sex slaves and the use of children for ritualistic sacrifices. Another article will highlight the heroic Catholic priests and bishops who are risking their lives to tell the truth about what is happening in their church. Some of these whistleblowers are now in hiding in fear for their lives, while others have been killed or blackballed from parish work.

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  • The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves

    I am a firm believer in and lover of the traditional teachings of the RCC, having attained an MDiv but without the calling to the priesthood. I did make the acquaintance of Fr Charles Fiore, ousted from the “reformed” (deformed) Dominican order and who died a member of the FSSP. Some of Fr. Fiore’s investigative and exorcist work is written into Windswept House by former Jesuit Fr Malachi Martin. In this opus of facts woven into fictional narrative with names altered perhaps to prevent too much scandal, two satanic rituals, (one in the Vatican and on in the Carolinas, USA, apparently because it was too risky to conduct all the ritual abuse of all of creation within St Paul’s chapel inside Vatican walls),are conducted on the Feast of Sts Peter and Paul, June 29,1963. Fr Fiore told me he had interviewed the girl abused during the American ritual and that she was doing well, married and has a family. We can not be certain that the presider of the satanic ritual in America is faring well. Fr Malachi Martin writes him in as the chancellor of the diocese, who is later elevated to the rank of Cardinal of “Century City”. This “Cardinal Leonardin” sounds similar to Bernardin, who just happened to be chancellor of the Carolina diocese in 1963 where this evil ritual is related to have happened. This is the same Cardinal Bernardin whom Church Militant has recently revealed to be the founder of Casa Jesu house of deformation (sic) where South American homosexuals were actively recruited to become priests for the Chicago archdiocese. Recall that the deceased chief exorcist of Rome reveals that an instance of homosexual activity is like an instant portal for demonic possession. Now where do you think the devil can do the most damage? Inside the Catholic Church! Makes perfect satanic sense when you think about it. And once significant damage is done, even more damage can be done by exposing the corruption os that the believers will be so scandalized that they will flee from the sacramental/incarnational church. And Satan grips more souls. Please keep your minds and hearts on Our Lord and Our Lady at this time because it is particularly they who are being tortured in this disfiguring of the mystical extension of the body of Christ known as the Catholic Church. As an aside, I would like to see the author use the appropriate terminology of pedophilia, pederasty and homosexuality where applicable. The term homosexuality has become verboten by some to obfuscate the evils associated with this protected class. We can’t afford to be mind controlled by others who want to control the precision of our thoughts and expression.

  • The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves

    I respect what is written about notifying law enforcement. However, the sexual abuse of children is not only within the Catholic Church, but our court system is saturated with these predators.

    Our children were severely abused, neglected and sexually molested by their bio-father. We brought them to a forensic interview (video recorded with State Police present). The Judge would not even take the time to review the video and ordered the children to spend time with the molester. That is akin to forcing a rape victim closed doors visitation with the rapist.

    It has cost us everything: 2 business, our freedom, our home and still we defy the corrupt court.

    The sexual abuse of children is so rampant in this country. It would not be surprising to see it legalized soon.