• Medical Industry Attacks Coconut Oil Again - Harvard Medical Professor Calls it "Pure Poison"

    The corporate-sponsored "mainstream" media, funded in large part by the pharmaceutical industry, is promoting a lecture given in German by a Harvard medical professor who claims that coconut oil is "pure poison." The lecture was given by Dr. Karin Michels, the director of the Institute for Prevention and Tumor Epidemiology at the University of Freiburg and a professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Now, before I expose the old same tired lies the medical system and its media proponents claim about coconut oil, and the reasons why they are doing so, just consider the logic of making such a statement as "coconut oil is pure poison." While coconut oil has only become popular in the U.S. again in recent years, it is a traditional food that has been consumed in tropical climates where coconuts grow for many thousands of years. Is it reasonable to think that all these billions of people have been poisoning themselves due to their consumption of coconut oil for the past several thousand years? If it were truly a poison leading to heart disease and bad health, wouldn't we be seeing an increase in many health problems among the millions of Americans who now use it as their primary dietary oil? Is there any evidence at all for any of Dr. Michels claims? No. The real reason coconut oil is being attacked in the corporate media by the medical system, is because it is a threat to their toxic drugs. Because outside of the U.S., the peer reviewed literature is publishing more and more studies showing just how healthy coconut oil really is, and how it is being used in nutritional protocols to help cure many diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Medical Industry Attacks Coconut Oil Again - Harvard Medical Professor Calls it "Pure Poison"

    Thank you for sharing this important information.

    It's sad that some people who are considered ''authority figures'' by many because of their title, spread information that serves certain economic interests rather than prioritizing our health.

    Luckily more and more people see things for what they are, which helps them take the right decisions.
    It's essential to do our own research so that we can educate ourselves and others who are open to it and improve the quality of our lives.