• Exposing How Child Abuse Pediatricians Medically Kidnap Children: A Guide for Parents

    It happens every day in America. Loving parents take their children to the emergency room for accidents, injuries, and illness. Sometimes the child appears to be fine, but "to be on the safe side," parents just want to get their child checked out. Other times, the parents don't know what's wrong, but they look to the "experts" to figure out what is going on. They are worried about their child. The last thing on their mind is that someone could come in and take their child away from them, accusing them of child abuse. Yet it is becoming increasingly common for a trip to the doctor or hospital to escalate quickly into this kind of nightmare scenario. A concern for the health of their child becomes a fight for the very survival of the family unit as parents are blindsided by Child Abuse Pediatricians and social workers. Policies designed to help medical staff spot real child abuse can actually set up innocent parents for false allegations of abuse. Parents walking into a medical setting seeking help for their child often have no idea that they may be walking into a trap. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a professional organization of pediatricians. Their policies impact the practices of local pediatricians and doctors in Children's Hospitals. The public usually pays little attention to specific AAP policies. Policies are generally assumed to be based on scientific evidence, but there are times that politics, agendas, or financial incentives play a role in establishment of policies. Parents (consumers) have a right to know about the policies of a business or establishment they choose to interact with, especially when those policies can have a significant impact on the well-being of their family. In the interest of "informed consent," this article will highlight specific AAP policies that are often used by Child Abuse Pediatricians to ensnare innocent parents.

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  • Exposing How Child Abuse Pediatricians Medically Kidnap Children: A Guide for Parents

    This is critical information that all parents need to know about. As a journalist, I have also done significant research on, and written about this topic. The Child Abuse Pediatrician subspecialty certification originated in the last decade. Due to mandatory reporting laws for health care workers, they are legally required to report any suspicion that child abuse may have occurred. The nation's leading Children's Hospitals (such as CARES Northwest at Legacy Emanuel in Portland, Oregon ) have now been staffed with "specialists" who work in collaborative teams with law enforcement, prosecutors and Child Protective Services. Physicians often protect themselves by over-reporting and leaving the critical decision-making in the hands of Child Abuse Pediatricians, under-qualified pseudo-experts who don't have the background, knowledge or experience to rule out myriad other causes of illness or injury.

    Child abuse pediatricians, in general, see only one possible diagnosis in every case... Medical Child Abuse. Consumed with confirmation bias, they write condemning and outrageous false reports, then immediately start the process of filing unsubstantiated allegations against parents (usually mothers), and rip children from loving families.

    My partner and I worked together as investigative journalists covering an Oregon case. What we learned during the experience was heart-breaking and sickening. The mother lost the dependency trial and has been separated from her children for almost three years now. She does have a strong appeal in process.

    We published over 20 articles about the case in real time, and while it did not stop the State from taking her children, it did stop the Prosecutor from filing criminal charges against her after the dependency ruling was finalized.

    One of the last stories we published about the case following the dependency ruling is specifically about this topic. Link provided below:


    Health Impact News (Medical Kidnap) was the first to publish on the Trisha DeLaurent story almost a year ago.

    Thank you Medical Kidnap for playing such an important role in getting this information out to a wide audience. It is always scary for a parent when their child is injured or suffering from serious illness... it's even more terrifying to realize you could be falsely accused, have your children taken away, and even be criminally prosecuted for doing the right thing in seeking medical care for your sick child.

    Understanding this danger is the first step in protecting yourself against it.

  • Exposing How Child Abuse Pediatricians Medically Kidnap Children: A Guide for Parents

    This article is so very true ! A " child abuse expert " destroyed my granddaughter and her husband's life and stole their babies ! My granddaughter and her babies were born with a disability and the quack expert never heard of their disability before and knew nothing about it so accused her husband with abuse ! Accused my granddaughter of failure to protect ! Jury only took a half hour to deliberate and came back with not guilty on all counts ! That was in 2013 and children not home with my granddaughter and her husband yet ! Totally destroyed all of us !