• HHS Sued for Not Upholding Vaccine Safety Testing Mandated by Law

    In 2017, Health Impact News reported that the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), supported by 55 organizations, representing over 5 million people, had taken the unprecedented step of serving a notice to Mr. Don Wright, M.D., M.P.H., who was the acting secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS) department at the time, stating that HHS had failed in their duty to conduct the proper scientific research required to demonstrate vaccine safety as was required by law, and that they should take immediate action to remedy this negligence. Last week (July, 2018), Del Bigtree interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his program HighWire, announcing that they had filed a lawsuit against HHS for violating U.S. law on vaccine safety, and won.

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  • HHS Sued for Not Upholding Vaccine Safety Testing Mandated by Law

    I am amazed at the blinders that people involved in vaccine awareness or medical autonomy put on during the campaign. Trump made his position very clear in 2 interviews before the election:

    He gave an interview to Sharly Attkisson April 10, 2016.

    Sharyl Attkisson: “Viewer question: What’s your position on freedom of choice regarding various vaccines that could be dangerous for some children and why is the mere discussion of making vaccines safe censored?”

    Donald Trump: “It’s the most unbelievable discussion I’ve ever been involved in. If you say anything about vaccines that is slightly, like…holding back the hate mail, the level of vitriol, it’s incredible when you see it. First of all, I’m a big believer in vaccines. But there could something to the theory that these massive doses that are given to children have an impact on autism. There could be something to it. Now some people say no, some people say yes, I’d like to see studies. The bottom line is they have to get vaccinated. When I was going to school as a young guy, polio was a really big problem and vaccines knocked it out. So the vaccines are very important, but we have to study the vaccines and we have to be very, very careful with vaccines.”

    (He never addressed Freedom of Choice)



    Trump says he favors vaccines"

    The Science of President Trump


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  • HHS Sued for Not Upholding Vaccine Safety Testing Mandated by Law

    I wonder why the law didn’t have a sunset provision. If vaccine manufactures knew that they would lose their liability protection if they didn’t make their products safer then they would have an incentive to do so

  • HHS Sued for Not Upholding Vaccine Safety Testing Mandated by Law

    The mandate states: "promote the development of childhood vaccines that result in fewer and less serious adverse reactions than those in the market on December 22, 1987." This is an admission that vaccines were causing serious adverse reactions, otherwise the mandate would not be necessary. Also, reports were to be made every 2 years to Congress. Why didn't these committees ASK for the reports? Are they not as culpable as HHS? Shouldn't we be asking them why they didn't want to know? My daughter suffered a brain injury when she was given a medication that was contraindicated for her diagnosed medical condition. Social workers, doctors, judges and government agencies have done nothing to protect her right to due process. In fact they lie to protect those who are responsible and keep us apart. Sometimes I think all the chemicals in the environment have damaged people to the extent that they no longer have any reasoning ability or ethical conscience. Thank you Mr. Kennedy for your work. I wish there were more attorneys like you.