• Arizona Veterans Group Calls Out Local Law Enforcement and Mayor for Covering Up Pedophile Trafficking

    Last month (June 2018) Health Impact News reported on the story out of Tuscon, Arizona, where a group called Veterans on Patrol uncovered a child sex camp that was believed to be used by cartels crossing the border from Mexico to traffick children in the U.S. Local law enforcement refused to acknowledge that the camp was used in child sex trafficking, and just when it looked like they were going to remove the members of the group from continuing their investigations, something dramatically changed, and the veteran group, now joined by hundreds of volunteers coming in from all over the world, was allowed to continue their patrols in the area. Their patrols have continued the past few weeks, and the group is claiming that they have shut down some of the human trafficking, as well as drug trafficking, as a result of their efforts. The leader of the group, Lewis Arthur, who once enjoyed a great local reputation for his work with getting veterans off of the streets, has come under increasing pressure and criticism from local law enforcement and the corporate-sponsored media. He recently vented some of his frustration on a Facebook Live-stream broadcast, where he accused local law enforcement and the Tucson mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, for covering up known pedophile groups operating within Tucson, Arizona. Throughout his broadcast, Arthur makes is clear that he is being driven by a mission he believes has been given to them from God, and his trust that God will protect him from those seeking to destroy him and his credibility. He believes that their work is revealing the truth about human trafficking coming across the border, and its link to pedophile groups operating out of Tucson and elsewhere which is being covered up by bad law enforcement officers and political figures.

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  • Arizona Veterans Group Calls Out Local Law Enforcement and Mayor for Covering Up Pedophile Trafficking

    I'm getting diabolical interference here. My comment keeps getting deleted b4 I can submit.

    I said, I'm one of ur Major prayer warriors. You have no idea how much.

    I beg everyone all over the world to do the same DAILY. These children and all the humans, regardless of age, are being trafficked all over the WORLD. OUR WORLD AND GOD'S WORLD. GRRRRR. Let's fight back.

    On another note: If u haven't seen this https, please do so. It looks like it ties in with child trafficking from Phoenix to New York and then redistributed in USA as well as globally. This might tell you where many of them are being taken.


    There's a video as well.

    Would u please consider putting a date on each Video. I can never tell what the latest video is. Consequently, I believe I've missed some. Thank you.

    None of you are ever out of my thoughts and prayers. This is all I can do, BUT, I do it well and continuously.

    God bless you Lewis, and all who sincerely help you.