• Massachusetts Attorney Exposing Medical Kidnapping Threatened with Being Disbarred

    Lisa Belanger says that she was always "Daddy's girl." She is the youngest daughter of Marvin Siegel of Boxford, Massachusetts, and she and her father have always been very close. It has now been more than a year and a half since she has seen her father, not by her choice or the choice of her father. A court, guardians, and lawyers have medically kidnapped her father, essentially imprisoning him in his own home, and they have forbidden his baby girl from having any contact with him. Lisa Belanger is an attorney who followed in her father's footsteps, and she is not taking this cruel twist of life lying down. She has been fighting to get him back since he was taken under state guardianship in mid December 2011. Now, in what she sees as retaliation for exposing the corruption in the guardianship system in and around the Boston area, an attorney, who has been fighting alongside the guardians against the family of Marvin Siegel, is attempting to have Lisa Belanger disbarred. This attorney, Marsha Kazarosian, was hired by Mr. Siegel at one time, but just before he was medically kidnapped, he attempted to fire her. In a handwritten statement, he wrote: "I want to terminate your services for going against my wishes." Kazarosian refused to be dismissed. Now, almost 7 years later, Lisa Belanger is still fighting the attorney for one of the most basic of human rights - the right to have a relationship with her father. She says that the complaint against her essentially boils down to this: They're saying, "We're going after you because you dare to expose us."

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  • Massachusetts Attorney Exposing Medical Kidnapping Threatened with Being Disbarred

    my name is adam dingle, I am currently being held captive in CHA Everett hospital for a protest i did on 8/1/2018! they have drugged me against my will/consent! they haven't even treated my injuries i received when the illegally arrested me!

  • Massachusetts Attorney Exposing Medical Kidnapping Threatened with Being Disbarred

    Unwarranted court ordered psychiatric drugging is against the law. To force Lisa Belanger’s dear father Marvin Siegel to ingest dangerous drugs against his will is: criminal and monstrous. To kidnap Marvin from his LEGAL guardian Lisa warrants the immediate disbarment of Attorney Marsha Kazarosian.

    Recently, I told Dave Arnold who is also fighting for justice that bad lawyers are not doing their jobs. Sadly, Dave lost Gretchen who he dearly loved before she was seriously abused by the Probate Court and died. I previously told Lisa her abused father Marvin requires 24/7 protesting outside his Boxford home until he is released to her safe care.

    For over 17 years, my murdered sister Beverley A. Finnegan and myself fought for emergency protections and were further harmed. Right now, I am trying to meet with Senator William Brownsberger, a prosecutor, and the Inspector General to probe the murders of my dear sweet sister Beverley (01/05/18) and mother Frances C. Buttrick (12/26/14). Before I hired Attorney Coreen Goodwin she and her legal intern Sarah Oulton believed Middlesex Probate Judge Maureen Monks and her criminal team, including, Governor Charlie Baker put a murder hit on my sister Beverley and shockingly they became part of the problem.

    ACTION speaks louder than words and I hope some decent lawyers will come forth to help Lisa fight to get her father back.