• California Pediatrician Bob Sears Breaks Silence on Medical Board Opposition to Vaccine Exemptions

    Two years ago we covered the story about Dr. Bob Sears in California who faced discipline by the California state Medical Board after he wrote a medical exemption for vaccines on behalf of a 2-year-old patient who experienced adverse reactions from earlier vaccines. This action taken against Dr. Sears happened after the new law in California, SB277, went into effect removing religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccines. After the passage of SB277 in 2015, only a doctor can issue an exemption for vaccines for medical reasons. Dr. Bob Sears is internationally renown for his stance on parental rights and informed consent, and although he is not anti-vaccine, he does believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to vaccines is misguided, and that the medical needs of his patients need to be taken into consideration regarding vaccines and the spacing of vaccines. Therefore, the attack on Dr. Sears was generally seen as a political move in California to try and intimidate him and other doctors who write medical exemptions for vaccines for their patients, which is perfectly legal, even after the passage of SB277. California lawmakers are heavily lobbied and influenced by Big Pharma, which would like to see all vaccines mandated for everyone, regardless of medical conditions. Dr. Sears has broken his silence after 2 years, and he has revealed that there are several other cases the California Medical Board is looking into regarding his medical practice.

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  • California Pediatrician Bob Sears Breaks Silence on Medical Board Opposition to Vaccine Exemptions

    You must go public every time. They hate that. I asked Kevin Shipp, ex-CIA agent-whistleblower, how he was still alive. He replied, I went public. Then, we all know who did it. And, if they are going to kill someone anyway, why not have gone public with the information? Copy everything and give a copy to others that they don't suspect.

    You are doing everything right. This is modern mafia, protecting their money, always follow the money.And, making sure we are under their complete control.

    I'm an RN, one son slightly vaccine damaged, a nephew and a niece very vaccine damaged. My husband is a retired MD, mostly ER. We practice energy medicine, reversing vaccine damage. And we get complaints that we discovered were inside complaints from an MD in the CMA. We've had 'investigators' randomly come into the office. He gave up his medical license so they have no authority, except made up lies that give them authority, but they continue harassing us.

    Ask God to protect you and your family, daily, too.

  • California Pediatrician Bob Sears Breaks Silence on Medical Board Opposition to Vaccine Exemptions

    This is a sad outcome but I am glad he is a fighter, The more doctors that stand up against this tyranny, the better. I am disgusted with the medical community for doing the bidding of big pharma instead of standing up for their patients. They knowingly inject poisons into children and infants and care nothing for the outcome. Shame on them. Sometimes you need to stand up against the evil no matter what it costs you. Dr Sears does this and is willing to face the consequences, that is an honorable and brave man. I want to see these spineless and greedy doctors step up to the plate then big pharma will see we mean business.