• Hundreds of Thousands of Children in the U.S. are Being Separated from Their Parents - Many are Sexually Trafficked

    The corporate sponsored "mainstream" media has been fixated in recent days with reports that children are being separated from their parents at U.S. borders. For the news sources that are critical of the current administration, one is led to believe that this is a recent problem that just started. However, this limited and biased view is not even close to the truth. Health Impact News has covered the issue of child trafficking of minor children coming across the U.S. borders since 2016, when Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) published a six-month investigation into the matter during the Obama administration. Focusing on a couple of thousand children currently in border facilities without their parents also ignores a far greater problem, one that is a national crisis, and that is the 400,000 children who have been taken away from their parents, and the practice of child trafficking that is continuing to happen in every U.S. state every single day. The overall real problem in this tragedy is one of child trafficking, and it is time that this issue gets public attention.

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  • Hundreds of Thousands of Children in the U.S. are Being Separated from Their Parents - Many are Sexually Trafficked

    So, all us parents are figuring, finally, here's our chance to have our thousands or hundreds of thousands of horror stories taken seriously after all these years of screaming and being ignored, no matter how bad it gets. Finally someone has to listen to us, after this story went viral. Finally it's time for our story to go viral, too! Surely, if they shed tears over these immigrant border children, then how can they ignore our story?

    Do you think that's really gonna happen?

    Color me skeptical.

    Does anyone notice the "coincidence" that this border children story is being used as a cudgel to bash Donald J. Trump over the head, in a long series of attempts to discredit him and remove him from office to "correct" the voters' mistake in failing to coronate Clinton ?

    Contrast that with the "coincidence" that the CPS child kidnapping story leads right back to the doorstep of Trump's nemesis, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was the spearhead of the 1997 Adoption and Safe Families Act which placed a financial bounty on every American child's head, (especially middle class and poor children) with accelerating quotas. Notice further that this has turned into a pedophile story, consistent with Clinton's alleged tendencies. Does that tell you something about why this CPS scandal has been hushed up for the most part for a generation?

    Isn't it obvious that this is an unfortunate purely partisan psyop to benefit you-know-who, instead of a genuine outrage? It's too bad because there ought to be a genuine outrage about these border children, too. Separating kids from their families is just wrong, and too much power to give to the government.

    I'm not a Trump supporter. I just find it curious that Queen Clinton seems to be untouchable in everything she has done, probably because of her international globalist connections.