• A Mother's Day Message for Grieving Mothers - A Message of Hope

    To the mother whose children have been medically kidnapped or taken from them by Child Protective Services, the idea of Mother's Day can seem like a cruel mockery. There is no greater grief in the entire world than to lose a child. How can there be hope today when the children you carried in your womb are not with you? You are a mother. Nothing will ever change that. No judicial decree, no act of a social worker, and no piece of paper can ever undo the fact that you are the mother of your children. Even if a judge writes on a piece of paper that your parental rights are terminated, no judge is powerful enough to ever stop you from being your child's parent. There is an eternal bond between parent and child that no force on the planet can take away from you or your child, no matter how much they may try. It is written in every cell of your child's body. It is written on their heart. You are part of their soul. Even if your baby was taken away from you at birth, you carried your baby in your womb and formed a bond that no one can ever replace. This isn't wishful thinking or empty words to try to comfort hurting people. It is science. It is psychology. It is Scripture.

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  • A Mother's Day Message for Grieving Mothers - A Message of Hope

    It is 1 am and I am staring at my phone instead of sleeping because my heart is broken. Then I see this post....

    My children were stolen June 2010 and returned, broken, 2011. And we are the lucky ones. Our children came home.

    Tonight, 8 years after they were taken, 7 years back home, we are all still broken. My 19 year old is on a psych floor for self-harm. She believes God can't forgive her for things that happened in foster care. The foster parents used God as a bully rod. She doesn't believe God loves her as she is. This is breaking my heart.

    My husband couldn't visit her today because he couldn't leave the 13 year old home with his brothers. He has PTSD and some other issues. He needs to be with an adult at all times. He is terrified. The foster parents told him, a little 5 year old, that his parents were giving him away. And his parents didn't come swooping in to save him.

    My 15 yo developed anorexia. Tonight's check-in revealed that he lost 4 lbs this week. He never talks about anything inside. He is a chameleon. He reflects what he thinks those around him want to hear.

    And the toll on my husband and I... It has been heavy. I had a stroke at 51. The stress hormone, cortisol, wreaked havoc on my body and my systems are all messed up.

    My husband had emergency heart surgery this winter. Yep, stress.

    But... We are the lucky ones. Our kids came home.