• Tennessee Family Seeks Lawsuit for Malpractice, Negligence, and Wrongful Death Over Down Syndrome Baby Taken Off of Life Support

    A Tennessee family is crying out for justice. When doctors, social workers, and lawyers pushed last spring to have Baby Steffen taken off of life support, his family and their supporters pleaded for him to be given a chance to live. They could not understand why there was such a concerted effort to end Baby Steffen's life. It made no sense to them. Now, the results of a private autopsy are back, and the reasons seem crystal clear to the family. According to Baby Steffen's grandmother, Lisa Rivenburg: "It's open and shut malpractice, negligence, and wrongful death." They have suspected all along that somebody was covering something up. Now, they believe they have the evidence they need to pursue a lawsuit. They are in need of an attorney willing and able to take on the case.

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  • Tennessee Family Seeks Lawsuit for Malpractice, Negligence, and Wrongful Death Over Down Syndrome Baby Taken Off of Life Support

    Eugenics and depopulation in action, folks, and it is going on all over the western world (Charlie Gard in U.K. and many others). One day, we are going to find ourselves living in one big concentration camp that will be void of all genetically imperfect individuals. Mayo Clinic was mentioned here as one of the perpetrators. Why am I not surprised.. Add to the Red Alert list of Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare and Twin Cities Shriners to the list of the child snatchers. They are full of medical crooks that are looking only to make money off of your kids. Look up "Medical Miracle or Medical Torture" report on the 'good doctors' of Gillette and how they successfully pulled off accusing the mother of the child of making them commit medical fraud. Our country 'of the free' has truly become a scary place to raise children.

    Lawsuits do not punish the crooks. The court awards and legal settlements further punish the taxpayers, who have already funded the unnecessary surgeries through Medicaid. Lawsuits are not the answer to this problem.

    The editor of this site can start with posting a Red Alert List, where parents could add the names of hospitals and doctors, guilty of medical kidnappings and unnecessary treatments imposed on children and adults, and spread this list over all social networks. Hit them on the wallet this way - it's free.


  • Tennessee Family Seeks Lawsuit for Malpractice, Negligence, and Wrongful Death Over Down Syndrome Baby Taken Off of Life Support

    What I have learned in my own search for an attorney to take on my case (daughter was taken at hospital and ended in her death) is that taking on this type of case comes down to the money, not the amount of evidence and solid proof you have. When going up against such a well funded and well known hospital such as this one (or Mayo in my case) and the state, social workers and judge - the attorney for you and your child is taking great financial and career risk. I was told it would likely take up to one million dollars in attorney fees (time), his out of pocket costs and court costs by the time it even got to court. That these hospitals have the best of the best attorneys and have an entire team (several) of them and endless resources to fight against you. And of course that well known hospital's reputation against just a regular citizen (who is going to beleive a hospital such as this would do such a thing - or cover up one of it's employees doing such a thing). I spoke with more than several attorneys and not one was willing to do anything on contingency, even with all the solid evidence I have that includes testimony from nationally known doc and other hospital workers who witnessed everything and wanted to testify, no doubt putting their own careers at great risk in doing so. Three attorneys I spoke with offered to go as far as the investigation period for an initial fee of $25,000, $38,000 and $50,000 respectively, up front and that they will see at the end of that period if they would even be willing to continue by taking it as an actual case, needing more money at that time of course, and continued regular monthly payments through to the court process. I do not have tens of thousands of dollars and no way of obtaining it. Then, this only to pay them to investigate the proof I hand to them myself and no guarantee they will take the case! I hope and pray with all my heart this family finds an angel attorney to try and help them. It is very rare but does happen, so I've read. Unfortunately the "system" is so very corrupt that I believe it will take this happening to a good number of attorneys themselves (the stealing of their children and character assassinations) to go up against this evil before the 'playing field' is leveled.