• Incentivizing Pediatricians to Be Vaccine Bullies

    It is quite common for pediatricians (and family doctors) to encounter parents who refuse one or more infant vaccines, most often due to safety concerns. These concerns also mean that pediatricians frequently get requests to modify or delay the vaccine schedule—nearly three-fifths (58%) of pediatricians reported such requests in a 2014 AAP survey. Rather than recognize the validity of parents’ safety concerns or admit to their own ambivalence about some of the newer vaccines, many pediatricians—nearly two in five according to some estimates—choose to boot uncooperative families out of their practice. A recent Medscape survey indicates that one of the main things that pediatricians dislike about their job is “dealing with difficult patients.” However, when pediatricians dismiss families whose only crime is the desire to make informed and individualized health care decisions on behalf of their children, the doctors are doing more than just unprofessionally dumping “difficult” patients—they also are protecting their bottom line. Dr. Bob Sears confirms that HMO plans use incentive practices, conducting year-end chart reviews and awarding large bonuses to pediatric practices that score well. Dr. Sears explains: “This bonus varies depending on the number of patients the doctor sees. One of the requirements for a patient’s chart to pass the test is that they are fully vaccinated. […] Such incentives…end up forcing a doctor to consider the financial implications of accepting patients who even just want to opt out of one vaccine. …Maybe a few such families wouldn’t make them fail the chart reviews, but if they have too many, there goes their year-end bonus.”

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  • Incentivizing Pediatricians to Be Vaccine Bullies

    No I certainly do not think they are safe. My son is severely autistic and we think it was his MMR shot that caused it. But I see in our state of Illinois, that parents are now pretty much being forced to have their children vaccinated or they cannot attend school. You can ask for opt out on religious grounds only, (for reasons of common sense have long left the station) and you must make out a separate written request for each and every vaccine that they are asking you to receive and have a doctor who will sign it. Otherwise they get the vaccine or do not go to school. Most doctors just refuse to treat patients that refuse vaccines. It is such an uphill battle to fight. And the bullying that goes on when you state your opinion is awful. So sad. My son could not speak or read or write . He is 22 now and lives in facility that is wonderful with him, and there are many more in his residence like him that don't have a chromosome problem or genetic. It drives me so crazy when they keep trying to find the "hidden causes" of autism. They are ignoring the elephant in the room.

  • Incentivizing Pediatricians to Be Vaccine Bullies

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization that represents pediatricians. Their only focus is to keep pediatricians employed—and well fed. Your child is a means to that end. Nothing more—no matter what they proclaim. The APP is not a benevolent organization, except to pediatricians.

    Vaccines were never about public health. They were always about the money. And now, with rampant vaccine research fraud finally being exposed, it's about protecting the guilty parties from prosecution.

    Imagine if you had a multi-billion dollar (criminal) enterprise built on lies. Wouldn't you fight to the death to prevent those lies from being made public?

    To date, the government's compensated vaccine injury victims over $3.7 billion dollars.

    Still think vaccines are safe?