• 2 Years After Isaiah Rider Medically Kidnapped: “They Destroyed Our Whole World”

    It has been almost 2 years since Isaiah Rider was released from Illinois DCFS custody after being medically kidnapped. Like many families who are reunited after the trauma of dealing with Child Protective Services, Isaiah and his mother, warrior-advocate Michelle Rider, largely withdrew from social media and the public eye. The horrors they had experienced took a toll and they have needed time to heal. They recently shared their story with a reporter from KWIR, a publication whose audience is largely LGBT. Michelle Rider says that she wants their story to be told as a warning for parents. Reporter Gretchen Rachel Hammond writes: "Although not LGBT themselves, Michelle and Isaiah fear for both gay and straight couples who take a child to a hospital like Lurie for help and suddenly find themselves catapulted into a hell they could never have imagined." In the opening of the series, Hammond makes this statement: "As an increasing number of LGBT couples choose to adopt, the story of one of the most disturbing and bizarre cases of DCFS removing a child after hospital doctors claim Medical Child Abuse serves as a warning." The public may not be aware that the LGBT community contributes to the demand for children to adopt. The Rider article series by KWIR serves as a cautionary tale that the children offered up for adoption to LGBT couples, and to anyone else seeking to adopt, are not always "poor abused children in need of a forever home." Adoptive and foster parents are not always told the truth about the children who are placed with them. Far more often than not, the children were taken from families who love them, who never abused them, and who have been falsely accused of hurting their children. Social worker whistleblowers have told us that they are encouraged to seize children who are "adoptable." Adults wishing to adopt children increase the demand, whether they are LGBT couples unable to conceive on their own, infertile couples, couples with good intentions who want to help children, Christian and religious families seeking to care for "the needy and the orphan," or even pedophiles. No matter the motive, whether good or bad, each serves to create the demand for children. As that demand increases, more children are being taken from innocent families in order to supply the commodities (children) to meet the demand. It is simple economics.

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  • 2 Years After Isaiah Rider Medically Kidnapped: “They Destroyed Our Whole World”

    Our family is still reeling from medical kidnap:


  • 2 Years After Isaiah Rider Medically Kidnapped: “They Destroyed Our Whole World”

    Thank you so much to mom and son for telling so much of their story/experience and updating. So much of this story resonates with me and our family's experiences. It gives me hope that I and my surviving children can make bigger strides in our healing journey too.

    "I thought that we lived in the land of the free." said Michelle.

    I remember this thought immediately coming to my mind when my young daughter was taken from me at the hospital. I often said this is not the America I thought and believed I lived in all my life. And the country my son served overseas, returning damaged and permanently wounded. Where are our rights? What about the Constitution and our laws? Where is their humanity if nothing else? It was a mere Resident in a psychiatry program at the teaching hospital my daughter was patient in who declared and demanded my 14 year old who she had never met before be taken from her hospital bed on the children's cancer unit after her 4th round of chemo and lock her up on the adult psych ward off hospital jurisdiction (so her medical docs could not get 'involved:). Michelle's description of being like dealing with ISIS tactics and terrorism is spot on.

    And this - “I had a gut feeling that someone was wrong,” she said. “I was walked into a small room. There were people staring at me. I heard someone say ‘we’ve got the mom.’ A doctor and a social worker who I’d never seen before told me ‘we’re sorry about your brother, but we are taking your son for 48 hours.’ I asked them ‘for what?’ They said “for medical child abuse.’”

    Michelle recalled that Lurie’s staff then demanded that she stop crying so they could escort her out of the facility without alarming any other parents.

    This exact same scenario happened to me as well (minus the apology, the 48 hour stay comment, and the part of the brother. And was psych doc and psych social worker not medical doc). And they said I was "preventing my daughter from getting medical care," weeks later adding to that allegation psychiatric care, rather than the words "medical child abuse" as in Michelle's case. This because this Resident demanded I sign consent allowing her to start daughter on two psych drugs as we were getting ready to go home and I said I want first to consult with her medical docs as this is not her treatment protocol and did not think it necessary and no explanation for it's use by this psych Resident at that time.

    Although my dear daughter did not survive as she was removed from her cancer treatment protocol and denied her waiting life saving stem cell transplant by psychiatry, DHS and the judge, her siblings remain on this earth and they and I are forever changed, damaged and remain mostly separated. It has been 5 years and still navigating how to deal with it all. Our lives and world were destroyed in every sense and can never be the same - or even "normal" again. We constantly struggle with how to even relate to one another as we are still so very damaged and so very hurt it is harder to see each other and be around each other than together as the images and memories of such trauma in our brain are set off with each others company and reminders. I wish there were an organization that get people together who have experienced this to support one another. I believe it is what we all need and can heal us. Face to face interaction with others who truly understand and share experiences and ideas. I guess 'surviving parents of murdered children' would be the closest thing to my family's experience. But our experience has even deeper and darker elements than parents of murdered children, I don't know. The damages done by the stigma of such allegations by the psych Resident and DHS is also very real and very isolating. Even after being completely "exonerated" on my appeal to my state's attorney general - although too late then for my poor daughter to survive. God help us all and continue to give us strength.

  • 2 Years After Isaiah Rider Medically Kidnapped: “They Destroyed Our Whole World”

    I like to know if Isaiah is getting real treatment instead being a guinea pig for some doc who refuses to admit that he doesn't know the answer. I swear from what I heard of these child abuse specialist they wouldn't know real abuse if it hit them.