• Oregon CPS Kidnaps Child Because Parents are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients

    An Oregon couple was blindsided when Child Protective Services seized baby Kaylynn, alleging Child Neglect because of their medical marijuana use. Oregon has issued permits for the medicinal use for marijuana since 1998 and legalized recreational use since 2014. The couple has complied with all state laws, and they don't understand how the same state can legalize something on one hand while on the other hand, they seize a child from her home for the very thing that the legislators and voters have said that they can do. This murky and confusing legal climate has left a mother devastated and her baby girl robbed of her family. No matter what one believes about the legalization, use, or ethics of marijuana, it is clear that families should not be torn apart over differing policies within the same state agencies.

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  • Oregon CPS Kidnaps Child Because Parents are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients

    What kind of person kidnaps children when the state tells them to do so?
    The same type of person that would gas a person in a gas chamber when the state ordered them to.

    "Order Followers" are one of the greatest evils known to man. None of the great evils could have occurred without their cooperation and help.

    We should quite referring to them as "government" when in reality it is nothing short of terrorism and thuggish criminality. That is what the promise of a "Republic" has turned into. Check out this book on the militarization of our police. (you can get if for free by joining audible)



  • Oregon CPS Kidnaps Child Because Parents are Legal Medical Marijuana Patients

    This is abuse by the system and it’s all f-ed up!!

    We need the Parental Rights Amendment in our constitution last year. The amendment not only protects parents basic fundamental human rights to parent but also would make this much more difficult for “Child Protection Services” aka abduction services to go through a more lengthy process than just taking kids (and leaving real abusers with children and placing children to get raped abused and neglected with strangers in the foster care system)

    Family law needs to be revamped! Please support the stepping stone of giving parents BASIC RIGHTS WE SHOULD ALREADY HAVE by signing the petition to urge congress to pass this amendment.