• Formerly Healthy Girl with Rare Genetic Disorder Dies After Being Medically Kidnapped in Georgia

    Nyhariah Mack's battle to live has ended. She passed away Thursday afternoon, December 7, 2017. The little girl with a very rare chromosomal disorder was full of life when a doctor and hospital enlisted Georgia's Child Protective Services to seize her from her mother a year and a half ago. At the time, she had no issues, just a rare medical condition that made her tiny and delayed her development. Shortly after going into "protective" custody, her health rapidly declined. She was subjected to unnecessary, experimental surgeries. Many family, friends, and supporters believe that the doctors and hospital at Emory took her in order to experiment on her, since her condition was so rare - only a little over a hundred people worldwide have the diagnosis of Trisomy 9. Her tonsils were removed only a couple of weeks after she was seized, providing tissue that scientists were free to use in experiments. What else might they have done to this little girl behind closed doors? It has been apparent to her mother since the beginning that there were some within this whole ordeal that saw her child as nothing more than a guinea pig, a lab rat to be used for scientific experimentation. Nhyariah is the latest casualty of this battle called Medical Kidnapping.

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  • Formerly Healthy Girl with Rare Genetic Disorder Dies After Being Medically Kidnapped in Georgia

    This precious child is now in the loving arms of Jesus. She is loved, completely healed, vibrant and Happy. Her and her loving mother and family will be reunited one day, in Heaven. Peace be with mom.

    My teen daughter also had a very rare disease, Peripheral T Cell (non Hodgkin) Lymphoma. My daughter died too after being medically kidnapped. But not by her medical doctors. In her case it was a student (Resident) in the psychiatry program at Mayo who entered daughter's room on the children's cancer unit right after a 4th round of chemo and changed life forevermore. She falsely introduced herself as a licensed child psychiatrist (to us and to the nurses and then to DHS and judge) and after just meeting daughter for first time right then, insisted I sign consent for her to start daughter on 2 psych drugs immediately (for anxiety, she said) and without first consulting medical team. Then we can go home as planned, she said. When I said to her twice that I first need to consult with medical team as this was new news and I needed daughter's cancer / medical docs to verify these were safe (and even necessary) drugs to be added (on our way out the door for home),

    She told us many more lies, ending with her forcing my poor daughter out of her hospital bed and to the locked adult psych ward for "safe keeping" and calling security to "guard" her (from me!). This resident then insisted my daughter was in danger of suicide and especially if she went home with me. Of course after such an allegation is made by a "mandatory reporter" and in such a well respected world renown hospital such as Mayo, by a person identifying as a licensed child psychiatrist, she was "justified" in her treatment of me and daughter and in keeping her locked up on a psych unit while DHS launched a so-called investigation into me. All in "the best interest of the child." In the meantime daughter was then removed from Mayo and delivered to another hospital in another state, five states away from home. We were forbidden to see or talk to each other and I was constantly threatened with jail by DHS and new hospital if I tried.

    Her stem cells had been harvested a month prior to this and waiting at Mayo to be used in her upcoming highly anticipated life saving stem cell transplant to take place just 21 days from that last chemo she just had - 17 days from the day she was shipped from that locked adult psych ward to another state without my knowledge and consent. They had told her lies for the four days they had her locked up that I had left her there and they could not reach me, then that I would not return calls and then that I was not interested and did not care or want her, which was also carried on by the next hospital she was forced to in another state. None of her medical team had been consulted at any time (psych ward told me the med team was monitoring her) and did not realize she had been taken until later on - as told to me by daughter's head cancer doc. She was not getting her labs done and recorded or monitored by her cancer docs (or anyone) as they had no idea what was happening or that she had been taken to psych ward.

    End of story is that my little girl died a brutal and forced death just 3 months later in yet another hospital in yet another state, after much torture, experimental surgeries and "treatments," never seeing home and friends again - not even allowed to communicate by phone or email with any one of us, or her medical team at Mayo - she got a last moment with her mother, me, just hours before she went into a coma and 'they' decided to take her off life support against my profuse objections

    The Resident at Mayo graduated and got her license to practice psychiatry and is in a teaching capacity at a university across the country. I found out with the help of two of daughter's medical team that this resident was doing a research paper (found on Mayo web site) on eating disorders in teen girls and using psych drugs to "treat" them and she needed a guinea pig, my daughter, to finish her (falsified /experimentation) paper on time. And research grants were also at stake. She had also made grossly false entries on daughter's medical records, including bogus diagnosing both my daughter and myself. This resident posted her "eating disorder research" on her bio page on the university web page where she is now gainfully employed, handsomely compensated. How many more children and loving families has she, and the psych program at Mayo, and the second hospital she was taken to, harmed? And going forward?

    HOW and WHY is such a thing even possible in the United States of America! There is No accountability and laws skewed. So many verifiable /verified stories and in almost every case no one is held accountable nor stopped from doing it again...and again... God Bless and Protect us all who are caught up in this horrific wretched evil "practice." Our children Blessed - and never forgotten

  • Formerly Healthy Girl with Rare Genetic Disorder Dies After Being Medically Kidnapped in Georgia

    Such a needless tragedy! These people are out of control. Each and every one of them needs in my opinion to be held personally accountable by subjecting them to a lawsuit involving millions of dollars in damages. They also need to be jailed for their criminal activities.