• Vaccine Refusal Increasingly Being Linked to Medical Kidnapping - Violation of Civil Rights

    Author and research scientist Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, is concerned about doctors and Child Protective Services overruling parents who choose not to vaccinate. In a video livestreamed on the Facebook VAXXED page on the evening of Tuesday, November 28, 2017, he said: "In the United States, there is a new rash of what can only be called Medical Kidnap." He goes on to state: "When the government acts as though they have the authority to take rights away, that's when people need to stand up. That's when the people, especially in the United States, have always recognized that we need to stand up. And I can't imagine a right that is more sacred to a mom than the bonding moments that occur right after birth." The single most damaging practice in the events surrounding childbirth is the separation of mother and baby, yet the practice is occurring with more and more frequency as hospitals threaten parents with the removal of the child for refusal to vaccinate.

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  • Vaccine Refusal Increasingly Being Linked to Medical Kidnapping - Violation of Civil Rights

    This is tyranny. But justice is around the corner. Notice how the chickens have come home to roost from the pressure to vaccinate their babies, by medical personnel. Now these nurses and medical personnel are up in arms (no pun in tended) because THEY are being forced to take vaccines themselves in order to keep their jobs. Pardon the cliche but though it may be unpalatable, they are being given a taste of their own medicine. The Bible declares that a man reaps what he sews. Condolences to those who have not actively played a role in the aggressive promotion of vaccines. But everyone in the medical world who stands by and watches while child after child receives the shots, after they have seen the horrific results in chronic illness, auto immune disease and deaths, that.. to say nothing, to do nothing.. is tantamount to being an accomplice. The only question now is how this latest tyranny of medical kidnapping.. will come full circle in the lives of the guilty parties. God knows.

  • Vaccine Refusal Increasingly Being Linked to Medical Kidnapping - Violation of Civil Rights

    Had births in 06/08 Girl and Boy. Healthy and normal full term pregnancy. both born at Memorial West in SW Broward, fl. When I told nurse no hepatitis vac for my first born, she became irate and extremely confrontational, a whole bunch of threats when the normal convincing and guilt trip didn't work. I said my wife is not a whore or a IV drug user. I stood my ground and eventually a doctor came up and told the bitch I was within my legal rights in Florida to refuse.

    When my boy was born I was ready for the fight and those bastards remembered me and backed off right away.

    There was still times I wonder if they simply did the jab without my knowing it. There were many times when the babies are not in my custody.

    You have to stand your ground with them and call them on their threats and let them know you will be coming for them is they **** with your family! They all have families and if you **** with mine then all is fair game.

    I would recommend home birthing with a practitioner or midwife. The hospital is for complications and there should be one near for problems. Many insurance companies will now cover this.