• Medical Kidnapping of Seniors: A $273 BILLION Industry

    How the Elderly Lose Their Rights: Guardians can sell the assets and control the lives of senior citizens without their consent—and reap a profit from it. In the United States, a million and a half adults are under the care of guardians, either family members or professionals, who control some two hundred and seventy-three billion dollars in assets, according to an auditor for the guardianship fraud program in Palm Beach County. Little is known about the outcome of these arrangements, because states do not keep complete figures on guardianship cases—statutes vary widely—and, in most jurisdictions, the court records are sealed. A Government Accountability report from 2010 said, “We could not locate a single Web site, federal agency, state or local entity, or any other organization that compiles comprehensive information on this issue.” A study published this year by the American Bar Association found that “an unknown number of adults languish under guardianship” when they no longer need it, or never did. The authors wrote that “guardianship is generally “permanent, leaving no way out—‘until death do us part.’ ”

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  • Medical Kidnapping of Seniors: A $273 BILLION Industry

    Catryna, In the case profiled, the parents went willingly, although not totally of their own free will. People contact our organization (NASGA - National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse) every day and the stories are eerily similar but also widely different. One gentleman's wife was in a nursing home and she was taken to the doctor for a "routine" visit by the woman's guardian. The guardian told the husband there wasn't enough room in the car for him (because of his wife's wheelchair) and assured him that his wife would be back in a few hours. He waited. She never returned.

    In another case, the guardian stopped by a ward's home and acted all hurried and rushed. She said the ward's doctor had called, and there was a problem and she was to bring the ward (an elderly woman) to the hospital right away. The ward got in the car, she was taken to a nursing home and dumped there. She cried and begged to go home, but the guardian would not allow it. The daughter took it to court, but Mom died before the hearing. Mom was in great spirits and good health before the guardian tricked her into the car.

    The thing I want you to know is once a guardianship is involved, family is rendered completely helpless to help their loved one. The system is in full gear and few escape.

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  • Medical Kidnapping of Seniors: A $273 BILLION Industry

    I'm 68 years old and my husband is 70. if anyone tried to pull this crap on us they would be escorted off our property and if they refused to comply they would end up with a rifle barrel in their face. Not to mention they would also have all of our children and their spouses down their throats and the end result would not be pretty. Bastards of this sort can only be resorted to by intimidation because that is the kind of people they are and only competing and more powerful intimidation and force are what they understand. Our family would definitely be a force to be reckoned with. One, of which, they would not recover from very well.