• Indian Attorneys Advise Parents Visiting the U.S. on How to Avoid Medical Kidnapping

    The incidents of Child Protection Services medically kidnapping children from good families is becoming so widespread, that one country, India, is now giving legal advice to their citizens on how to avoid having their children kidnapped in the United States when they travel to the U.S. on short to mid-term job assignments. This is a sad commentary on the state of child safety in the U.S., and just like many of the stories we report on here at Health Impact News on our MedicalKidnap.com website, parents are reporting horrific things are happening to their children once they are put into foster care, such as sexual abuse.

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  • Indian Attorneys Advise Parents Visiting the U.S. on How to Avoid Medical Kidnapping

    For all who are caught up in this "system" the children are taken and parents drug through malicious so-called "investigations" and expensive long drug out court proceedings without even being charged with a crime - allegations only. Anyone can make such allegations - anyone. It is then up to the accused to prove their innocence. Since the parents are not legally charged with an actual crime they are not constitutionally eligible for a court appointed attorney so must bare that expense on their own, if they even have the resources. And you don't get that money back from the state when you are proven innocent. The accused/alleged parent is placed immediately on the child abuse registry where it remains for 10 years - until/unless they appeal a "founded" decision" and win (this may vary in each state?).

    Many cases are casually deemed "founded" by family services social worker "investigation reports" because of laziness and or "too many other cases to get to and not enough time or manpower" to thoroughly investigate, so get the case off their desk and leave the parents (and child) to continue on in the nightmare at the next level up in appeals court. After all that and the parents are proved innocent they will continue for the rest of their lives to have to answer the question on many job applications or businesses they may operate, "have you ever been accused of child or elder abuse?" ACCUSED, not "have you been convicted of..." If you were ever "accused" of robbing a bank and then proven innocent there is no question on applications "have you ever been accused of a crime." Only "have you ever been convicted of a crime."

    So if you were ever "accused" /alleged to have abused your child and you work with, or apply to work law enforcement, any medical field, teaching, school cafeteria worker, crossing guard, bus driver, dentists office - you get the idea - you are automatically disqualified and this info will remain in their files. And people talk - even CEO's and whoever takes the application from you to turn in (secretary). So blackballing is then inevitable/unavoidable with the entire industry you applied for, from that one employer you applied to who "put the word out." I must say though, if you have been proven innocent and name taken off registry, why answer that question with anything but a "no?" You have to work to support yourself and family. And If you are not able to support your child then is yet another reason for the child to be taken in many cases, not to mention unjustly remaining destitute. Bottom line is this, you will forever be wondering what will happen if an employer finds out. Or new friends, colleagues and acquaintances. So unjust. So unfair. So UNCONSTITUTIONAL what is being done.