• Brian Shilhavy: 40 Years Later - I'm Still Here

    Anniversaries are dates etched into history. Most of them are celebrated, because the reason we remember them is that they bring back pleasant memories. These are dates such as birth dates, dates of marriage, etc. Some anniversaries are dates in history that are painful, and not worth celebrating. Yet every day is significant for one reason or another, and even in the midst of tragedy or pain, good can come of it. Today, October 28th, is a date in my past that I have never celebrated, and have seldom even mentioned to others. Yet it is a date in my past that is now known by well over a million people, because I memorialized it (without mentioning the specific date) in my personal testimony, How I Found Peace with God. It is the most important truth I have to communicate to the world, and I have linked to it from all my websites the past 17 plus years, and today it is read hundreds of times every day. It is the day in 1977 where I tried to end my life, by first overdosing on drugs, and then after being unsuccessful in doing that, by driving my car into a light pole along the side of a road at 85 mph. 40 years ago on this date I though I had control over my life, and that it was mine to end. It was not. I learned through experience that day, that God controlled my life, not me. He handed it back to me, and told me I was not done yet. In fact, I was just beginning, and he made it very clear that he had a plan and purpose for my life.

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  • Brian Shilhavy: 40 Years Later - I'm Still Here

    Thank you, Brian, for writing this article. Thanks, too, for your testimony. It is so heartening to hear truth spoken. I couldn't agree more with everything you said in this article. May you and your family be faithful unto death. It feels like we are alone sometimes, but here and there the Lord gives us a real believer to fellowship with. May none of us ever give up.....He is worth it.

  • Brian Shilhavy: 40 Years Later - I'm Still Here

    Praise the LORD for your boldness and determination to share the TRUTH. The Lord Jesus Christ knows His own. They do God's Will! Your testimony shows the power of God, His abundant mercy and His faithfulness. May God's grace continue to be multiplied to you as He envelopes you daily in His love, in Jesus' awesome Name, Amen.

  • Brian Shilhavy: 40 Years Later - I'm Still Here

    Mr. Shilhavy:

    I was originally on your CoconutOil.com website looking at it to help my son on the autism spectrum, but also read your link "Peace With God" and this one "40 Years Later - I'm Still Here". I keep coming across messages like yours about the failures of the Church and warning true disciples of Jesus Christ to be ready to face the coming persecution. It is a daunting thought (being a mom), but I am SO GRATEFUL that you bring the focus back to the WORD OF GOD and to what Jesus did for us on the cross. I have come across so much lately on Christless/crossless Christianity, but I am so encouraged to see what you have posted, especially from the Bible itself. God bless your ministry and thank you!


    Eloise L.

  • Brian Shilhavy: 40 Years Later - I'm Still Here

    < censor > < censored > < censoring > < censorable > < censor -istic > < censor -shop >

    note: the above lines ("how to" heal various diseases considered incurable) were , well, forbidden by current world governing powers.

    Thus, < censored > , and unavailable for reading , study, or investigating.

    THAT, is how the current administration (of the world, the god of this world, not just the usa) operates, ad lib, as it wants, without justification and without reason and without hope (until Jesus Returns) ......

  • Brian Shilhavy: 40 Years Later - I'm Still Here

    God Speed Brother.