• Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough - Where Vaccines and Antibiotics Have Failed

    While it is not ideal for a newborn infant to catch whooping cough, it can be managed at home. Successful treatment will require diligence and an adult rocking very young infants, at the peak of infection, 24 hours for several days. Babies cannot get vaccinated until they are two months of age, and by then, the cough can be treated much more easily than in a younger infant. After three months, a fully breast-fed baby will respond well. Otherwise healthy babies over six months of age with whooping cough, should not worry any parent if they understand the principles and protocols to deal with the infection, and are well equipped and organized. B.pertussis bacteria is very tricky, and part of its armor involves several toxins. Toxin production is the major reason for the worst symptoms. Conventional medical doctors don’t know how to address the toxin issue in most infections. They give antibiotics, which have never been shown with any certainty, to limit the duration or severity of whooping cough in well-established disease. Is ascorbate a cure? No, but the majority of parents who use it on their infected babies, and young and older children, report a significant decrease in cough intensity, with thinning and loosening of sticky mucus, within the first 24 hours of proper dosing. Ascorbate, in properly spaced, very high oral doses, will get you and your children through the weeks with vastly reduced symptoms while developing lasting immunity that will later protect those around them more effectively than vaccines can.

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  • Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough - Where Vaccines and Antibiotics Have Failed

    Would there be any harm in giving quercetin dihydrate to prevent or cure any lung or sinus disorders? As long as I take 500 mg per day, then my lungs and sinuses are protected. I weigh about 200 lbs. I haven't caught a chest cold in over 2 years since I started taking quercetin. I buy quercetin in the 250 gram bag at Bulk Supplements which will last 500 days.

    For thinning lung and sinus mucus, for decades mornings I have taken a level half teaspoon of the 14 herb Mrs. Dash Table Blend (MDTB) seasoning available at Walmart in the 6.75 oz bottle which lasts over 3 months. It takes about 2 weeks for the lung mucus to begin to liquefy so it can be coughed up more easily. The sinuses should eventually clear as well.

    The quercetin and MDTB keep my lungs and sinuses working smoothly. Why wouldn't it work for babies?