I am involved in a Nebraska court case CI 16-148 its a legal separation. Me and my wife were fighting about normal marital stresses and then we had the added situation of our 2.5 year old at the time was showing a speech delay. My wife and i were roman catholic the 7 years of our marriage, do to my wife being in MOP at the e free church, she decided to go to counseling with the recommended pastor counselor of that church. Soon she asked me to go to counseling with her and we were doing a two week separation in two visits. Long story short my wife attends the E free church now and filed for legal separation pending a change of heart that if I don't change its supposed to move to a divorce. In the legal separation she filed a ex parte that was full of lies and we had a temporary custody hearing were i was accused of "pumping my lactose intolerant son full of dairy until he puked" my son has never been tested for lactose intolerance, he has had an allergy panel and is not allergic to milk. And I was accused of refusing autism testing for my two autistic sons when professionals recommended testing. Well my sons were never recommended for testing the 2.5 year old was at home and we had him tested by the school system in may 2016 and received letters from the DHHS that he did not qualify for state services as a result of his testing in may. I called and started him with a private speech therapist in august 2016 after we received the refusal letter in June 2016. My oldest at the time was 4 is very talkative and social little guy (it quotes very social and talkative little guy in his medical records from his GP) he was in preschool and had never been recommended for testing by any professionals. And has never been tested for developmental delays. I was not allowed to be called to the stand nor was my attorney allowed to object. My wife was granted temporary custody and I have as little as one day in a week with my boys. I feel guided by her new church, My wife committed documental perjury, and got the children by accusing me of mental illness and medical abuse. I have filed complaints with the DHHS and have record of the phone conversations with them. I am told the making up diseases such as lactose intolerance, and refusing to potty train him does not qualify as abuse.

I have been in contact with Senators, Regardless of how my case turns out. The evidentiary court procedures should be changed were accusations are made about the medical care of minors the plaintiff should be required to provided professional medical documents, children under the age of 18 are routinely medically documented. I provided all the professional medical documents for evidence the case is still under advisement