• Mother Blamed for Baby's Vaccine Injuries - Baby Adopted Out as Parents Face Jail

    In December 2013, in the State of Florida, Ms. Rebecca Wood gave birth to Javoni, a seven-pound baby boy with mild infant jaundice. Doctors assured her that jaundice was relatively common in newborns and told her that he would recover from the condition in a few days. Although his health initially improved, his health deteriorated significantly within hours of receiving a series of several vaccinations just eight weeks later. He became very ill and he had constant diarrhea. Despite his mother following all of the pediatrician’s advice, instead of improving as one would expect, Javoni’s health continued to deteriorate. Doctors diagnosed him with various medical conditions, including metabolic bone disease. After x-rays showed several previous broken bones, the parents were investigated by DCF (Department of Children’s Families) for alleged abuse. There has been clear evidence throughout this case to support Javoni’s parents. His parents have obtained written reports from at least four separate experts, stating that Javoni not only suffered from rickets but also from a metabolic bone disease and had a family history of these conditions. Despite this evidence, it appears that Child Protective Services have chosen to ignore the evidence and are adopting out this young baby to strangers. If this is not bad enough, his parents have since been charged with neglect and abuse and are now facing the very real possibility of going to jail as a result

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  • Mother Blamed for Baby's Vaccine Injuries - Baby Adopted Out as Parents Face Jail

    I witnessed a co-worker lose his 6-mo son to SIDS, just 24 hours after an MMR shot.
    I witnessed a friend's 18-mo go from a happy, active, beautiful young lad to a screaming, lethargic, irritable young boy, just 2 days after his MMR shot. He is now 9 years old and cannot form words - only gutteral grownings and still remains extremely irritable. His 7-yo sister has never been vaccinated and she is in excellent health.
    12 hours after my 4-mo grandson received his MMR shot, I watched him scream bloody murder for several weeks after; and his doctor said it was normal. He is 8 years old now and suffers from belly aches, peanut allergy, extreme sensitization and he's cold most of the time.

    Literally, 60% of the parents that follow me on facebook and twitter are all anti-VAXXERS.
    There remains a moral duty to continue to fight and to employ every lawful means in order to make life difficult for CDC and the pharmaceutical industries, which act unscrupulously, immorally, and unethically, while vehemently refusing to invest in holistic healthy alternatives. The burden of this important battle cannot and must not fall on innocent children and on the health situation of the population. I will never stop fighting the battle against $-hungry monsters that prey on innocent children's lives w/ parents who remain uneducated while watching their child(red) suffer needlessly.

  • Mother Blamed for Baby's Vaccine Injuries - Baby Adopted Out as Parents Face Jail

    Check the quantity of Aluminium in these vaccines. Aluminium blocks the cellular receptors for Calcium, and this can vary with inherited factors. This causes the parathyroid gland to over react and release Calcium from Bones.

    Also, the problem with Electromagnetic Radiation (WiFi, DECT Phones, Mobile phones, Baby alarms etc can be devastating to the genetically susceptible. The Radiation interferes with the VGCC (Voltage Gated Calcium Channels) in all the cells and allows too much calcium to enter the cells. This drop in plasma Calcium also activates the Parathyroid gland.

    A test for Parathyroid Hormone might be useful.