• New Smart Meters and 5G Technologies Can Be Used to Intercept All of Your Private Data

    Will smart meters and 5G cellular services become a threat to the security of our computers and smart phones? Breaches in security from these new microwave technologies are quite possible. According to Bell Labs, the smart meter is actually the weakest element in the data security system used by utility companies. Security systems designed to prevent unauthorized use of smart meters would be very expensive, and utility companies do not have the resources to apply high security control over hundreds of millions of smart meters. This means that the likelihood of smart meters being hijacked and adapted for harmful purposes without utility company cooperation is high. Smart meters are definitely not secure air-gapped devices. Smart meters are designed to send and receive microwave signals and they perform that function well. If they can receive transmissions from the utility company and send responses, then they also could receive and respond to signals from unauthorized sources. Yes, I understand that smart meters use encryption systems, but I also understand that encryption systems can be circumvented by those with evil intent as was shown by Israeli researchers.

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  • New Smart Meters and 5G Technologies Can Be Used to Intercept All of Your Private Data

    With the introduction of 5G that is already being rolled out in 11 US cities at low power for the present time, cyber security could be the least of our worries, even though privacy issues can be a huge issue.

    The devices will cover both cities and rural areas, blanketing the countryside with trillions of additional positive ions each second. The ions are attracted to our two to four million sweat glands and fluids in the eyes, nose, throat and ears.

    Drs. Krueger and Smith of the University of California have reported that positive ions slow down or stop our cilia completely. Cilia are biological brooms, located even in our eyeballs and our brain. They sweep out the old and dirty. Their slowed activity will "cake up" the insides of our eyeballs, increasing internal pressure, and lead to glaucoma for anyone exposed to those positive ions. That's all of us.

    Our sinuses will suffer in a similar fashion with excess dried stuck mucus, leading to chronic sinus headaches.

    Those who try to steal our data or influence our thoughts will suffer the same fate.