• Tennessee Parents of Baby Steffen Jailed While Appearing in Court and Questioning Drug Test

    Patricia Tornberg and Steffen Rivenburg, Sr., thought they were going to court this morning, July 17, 2017, to try to bring Baby Steffen's big sister Annalise home to be with family members and out of foster care. Instead, the judge had them arrested and thrown into jail. Family members and supporters alike are shocked at the turn of events, and see this as another way for the court and DCS to grasp at any way to justify their actions and deflect attention away from their role in Baby Steffen's death. Last month (June 2017) Baby Steffen was taken off of life support against the wishes of his family, and before the family could find a second doctor's opinion regarding his condition. Baby Steffen was removed from his parents while still healthy, and yet the parents had no say over his medical care or removal from life support. Tennessee DCS also removed Baby Steffen's sister, Annalise, from the parents. Advocate Serra Frank told Health Impact News: "This judge is scrambling to get rid of this mess, and he's just making it worse." The hearing was supposed to be about hearing motions for Annalise to be placed with family members. Grandmother Lisa Rivenburg and two aunts, each willing and able to care for Annalise, were present at the hearing, but the motions were never heard. Judge Wayne Shelton reportedly stated that he did not intend to hear their motions. Instead, the focus turned to a motion filed on July 1 without the family's knowledge by Margaret Parker, attorney for DCS, to compel the parents to submit to drug testing.

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  • Tennessee Parents of Baby Steffen Jailed While Appearing in Court and Questioning Drug Test

    Many people find out (myself included) that exercising your free speech in the "land of the Free" is dangerous both your your liberty, your physical safety, and your sanity.... because the thugs in the Justice System will try to harm you if they don't like what you have to say:

    How long are we going to tolerate this criminal behavior from our employees? I think you know what would be happening if this had been pulled by government in 1776.... read the Declaration if this question stumps you.

  • Tennessee Parents of Baby Steffen Jailed While Appearing in Court and Questioning Drug Test

    Has the attorney who is wearing a black robe pretending to be a judge even bothered to comply with his own judicial handbook in this case (or any of his other cases?)?

    You know...so at least he could at least APPEAR to uphold the title of "Your Honor".


    Reasonable Efforts Requirement

    At every hearing where the child is placed or rema

    ins in custody, the court must make a finding of

    reasonable efforts. This finding should address what efforts (or services) were provided by the

    Department to prevent removal of the child, to reunif

    y the family, or to achieve another permanency goal

    for the child. T.C.A. § 37-1-166(a) and (g).

    The Department bears the burden of showing that

    it made reasonable efforts by providing services that

    were reasonable in duration, scope,

    and intended effect, given the family’s and child’s circumstances. The

    Department must provide an Affidavit of Reas

    onable Efforts, answering the following questions:

  • Tennessee Parents of Baby Steffen Jailed While Appearing in Court and Questioning Drug Test

    How's getting another court appointed tyrant going to help these young folks?

    How many court appointed attorneys has it taken to lead these presumably innocent parents down a path to where they are treated like sheep to have their babies ripped away from them without cause and auctioned off for a few thousand dollars?

    In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty. Information is more freely available than ever before and yet the best remedy we can come up with is to just beg the court to appoint another one of these faithless, spineless court parasites to fight for the right to be a parent?

    If that's the best solution we have then all that's left is the crying.

  • Tennessee Parents of Baby Steffen Jailed While Appearing in Court and Questioning Drug Test


  • Tennessee Parents of Baby Steffen Jailed While Appearing in Court and Questioning Drug Test

    The government when they get involved will screw up your life up, like you never knew...

    I was my Fathers caregiver, he developed Alzheimers after a stroke.

    The New Smart Meter the power company put on my home, was interfering with Dad's pacemaker and defibulator ...His room was over where the New Smart Meter was put. In the middle of the night several times, wified my Fathers pacemaker, and shock him, and back to the hospital, no one could figure out what was triggering my Fathers Pacemaker.

    Well anyway, when he was released from the hospital after 5 days, he now had to go to rehab, cause no one would walk him.

    In Rehab, they gave an 85 year old man with compromised ammune system a Phenemena Vaccine against our orders....Dad developed Phenemena from the shot, then back to the hospital for that. When they put an IV Pic in his neck, also against our directions, he contracted C-Diff from port on the IV.....Then they gave Dad 4 massive doses of Morphine, and Dad was allergic to Morphine....it was all over his chart...

    Well, they overdosed Poor Dad, he died.....Then the defibulator shocked him, and he woke screaming...They tied him down...while he died again, and again and again.....While calling a Code Blue or what ever...They shuttled Dad out of the room, and called the police on me for recording what they did to my Father...They tried to have me arrested for recording my Fathers medical Emergency....I told the Police and Hospital administrators to "Take Up with Judge So and So...Because she ordered me to keep accurate records of all of Dads Medical...

    They forbid me to sit with my Father, and I didn't see him again till I picked up the body 10 days later.....They removed his Heart, Pacemaker/defib, and kidneys and liver.....

    Welcome to Obama Care.....Where they kill you, then try to arrest your relatives if you complain of them murdering your family.....

  • Tennessee Parents of Baby Steffen Jailed While Appearing in Court and Questioning Drug Test

    I too have been forced by DCF to give up my child; in FL. I fully understand how painful it truly is. I'm sorry that you have to experience this. My children unfortunately had to stay alive with abusive people who tormented them and they are now young adults in their late teens and early twenties and have such emotional and mental damage from the abuse that they suffered that they will never have a normal life they're permanently broken short of a miracle from God. So I truly give you my heart and prayers. And I so hope that you heal from your son passing I'm so sorry that you're going thru this and please know that other people out here understand your pain and we stand beside you even when it's not right and it's so unfair God knows that we understand how you feel. Please just stay strong, the battle is almost over!