• French Lawmakers Oppose High Court and Public's Resistance to Mandatory Vaccinations

    The French government announced that it might make 11 vaccines compulsory for children, adding to the three already mandatory shots (diphtheria, tetanus, and polio). Under the new jurisdiction, parents would be forced to follow a vaccination schedule including jabs against measles, hepatitis B, meningitis C, rubella, mumps and whooping cough. This change of heart comes after the Conseil d'Etat, France's highest administrative court, ruled in favour of parents who chose not to vaccinate their children, as the three mandatory shots were not available separately, but only in one shot combined with additional vaccines. The former Health Ministry opposed making these three vaccines available for people, which led the court to give the new government 6 months in order to find a solution. In the largest study on vaccine confidence to date, France was found to be the least confident in vaccine safety out of 66 countries surveyed, with 41 percent respondents disagreeing with the claim that vaccines are safe. The skepticism isn’t limited to the general population; a quarter of French practitioners aren’t confident about the risk and efficacy of vaccines, either.

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  • French Lawmakers Oppose High Court and Public's Resistance to Mandatory Vaccinations

    Thank you for the great comment Dr King! I however disagree with your claim that vaccination is one of the greatest medical frauds of all times because as far as I am concerned, vaccination is THE greatest medical fraud of all times. .

  • French Lawmakers Oppose High Court and Public's Resistance to Mandatory Vaccinations

    The link to the Supreme Court decision may have been corrupted. Try https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/10pdf/09-152... and if that still does not work, then try a search using "unavoidably unsafe, Supreme Court" and the case and articles written about it should be located or, for only the decision, open the Supreme Court website, https://www.supremecourt.gov and use the search phrase "unavoidably unsafe" and you should find:


    Search Results:

    file type icon 09-152 Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC (02/22/11)
    which exempts from strict liability rules “unavoidably unsafe products.” “Unavoid-able” is hardly a rarely

    and other cases where similar words or phrases occur.

    Thanks to MRT for pointing out this problem to me.

  • French Lawmakers Oppose High Court and Public's Resistance to Mandatory Vaccinations


    The US Supreme Court has ruled that all FDA-licensed vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" (see: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/10pdf/09-152...

    The Media, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the healthcare providers, public health agencies, and the academics who do vaccine-related research all still seem to claim that: a) "vaccines are safe" and b) "vaccines are among the safest of medicines".

    Obviously, we are being brainwashed using Orwellian 'doublethink' into accepting that vaccines are both "safe" and "unavoidably unsafe" leading to a "Newspeak"-based slogan, "SAFE VACCINES ARE UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE", a logical disconnect similar to the three key "Party" slogans, "WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH", presented in George Orwell's (Eric Blair's) book "1984".

    Perhaps, after reading this brief response and sharing it with the residents and lawmakers in France and all other nations or states where there are vaccination mandates of any kind, all will at least have an inkling that vaccines are one of the greatest medical frauds of all time.

    To the extent that rational individuals are beginning to understand that we are living immersed in a human microbiome, true health depends upon our continually balancing the resident populations of "good" and "bad" microorganisms in a manner that avoids the uncontrolled multiplication of the "bad" microorganisms while maintaining beneficial replication rates for the varied "good" microorganisms that can occupy each niche in, on, and within the human body.


    Dr. King, a still recovering causality from the U.S. Army's 1969-1971 one-size-fits-all recruit vaccination programs.